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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hello, hello!

Well here it goes. My first entry on my blog. I'll be frank with everyone... this blog is about knitting but it will include pics and stories about my family, house and cat.

So here we go. Here's a pic of me for all to see:

This was this past December and lookie what I have... a copy of Knit Wit! :) No it's not the best shot of me but hey... I'm normally the one behind the camera.

The family:

This is myself and my husband Eric. Once again, not the best pic of either of us but it's the only one I have right now. But we now own a digital camera so I'm sure that's going to change real soon. ;)

The cat (a.k.a. My Crazy Pussy, Princess Headbutt):

Her name is actually Trouble. As you can see... she is the mighty huntress of straws. For some reason, they vex her... *shrug*

On to the knitting! Okay, here are a few things I've finished recently. I had a bunch of stuff that I made that went out without a pic but I promise, from here on in, I'll take pics of everything I make.

Here's a scarf I made for Eric in a basket weave pattern:

It's the first thing I ever made for him. He originally wanted me to felt it but once he saw the finished product... he decided to leave it as is.

Here's some a few ornaments I made from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts:

I did a whole bunch of these this year. They went over so well, I may start making some now for next year as well. :)

And here is my Pasha!:

I made him in Carolina Blue since I work at UNC Chapel Hill. I'm not a Tarheel fan per se, but since I plan to make a few more and give them away at the Children's Hospital, I thought the kids might like that it's Carolina Blue.

Well that's it for now. Thanks so much for stopping by!