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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Busy, busy day!

Today was a great day. I slept in... that was nice. I chatted with Eric for a while. That was even nicer. He's still in Ohio, but it's really nice to 'talk' to him. His hotel is so cheap... he has to pay $7 for 24 hours of wireless internet access. *grumblegrumble* Even worse? Not matter what time you buy it though, it's going to cut you off at noon the next day! So when he bought it last night at 8Pm... it shut off at noon today. That's not 24 hours!!! *grumble even more* So we milked every minute out of it we could. I would have just called him but he's got a cold and it's hard for him to speak. I hope his throat is well soon... I miss his voice.

Well, after his internet access was shut off, I went out to the IBS Bead show. This little town of Mebane is just amazing. 7,200 people and yet they have an international bead show at least twice a year. Well, at least I've only realized it twice so far since we bought the house. :P The place was packed with booths and every vendor had a surplus of beads of all types, shapes and sizes. Plastic, glass, pearls, semi-precious stones and some vendors even had precious stone beads. Of course, they were not gem quality precious stone beads but they were still gorgeous! And the prices were fabulous! I got some nice beads for really, really cheap! I had recently gotten Knitting With Beads and I had yet to try out any of the patterns.

I've gotten a bit further with these socks:

Wow this is taking longer than I thought. But then, I did mess up the pattern and had to frog two whole squares. Yeah... that had me swearing a bit. A lotta bit. But now that it's all joined up and I've started on the main part of the sock, I'm feeling pretty pleased with the cuff. :)

I stopped by Yarns Etc. in Carboro today and sat down to knit for about two hours. A few other women and one man were there knitting. When one woman realized what I was doing, she was just shocked! Even more so when she found out I have been knitting only a few months now. She asked me why I would try something so difficult when she's been knitting 20 years and never tried it herself. My reply? "Well... I've never done it before and I wanted to learn so I'm trying it." She called me adventurous. I took it as a compliment. :P There was a good sale on sock yarn too. I really, really wanted to get a whole bunch, but I showed restraint (and only bought two skeins). *laugh*

I've been so focused on these socks that I haven't done anything on my second Pasha. I really should finish the little guy... I'll try and do that by this Friday.

I joined Sockapalooza too! I'm itching to get my sock buddy's name and measurements so I can start a pair of socks for him/her. :) I'm also part of Knitty's Secret Pal 3. I can't wait for that to start either!

Wow, this is turning out to be a full knitting month for me. :)