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Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's coming down out there!

That is one thing that sometimes still shocks me about this area... the way it rains! It's coming straight down. The pounding on the roof is amazing! I have never lived anywhere else where it rains like this. It's pounding on the roof so hard, I have to turn the tv up so I can actually hear the show I am watching. One nice thing about it, it does make it very easy to sleep. :)

But enough about the rain. I met someone today! I met another person from the
Knitty Board! Azuredrake is her username. It was a real meeting of chance too. We both visit the boards and commonly post on there. I don't remember exactly what the subject of the thread was but she posted something about working at UNC. I was shocked. At UNC?! I work there too! After a bit of messaging back and forth with her, I got the chance to meet her today. We hung out in my office during lunch and really chatted it up. :) I could have kept chatting all day. Too bad I was at work and well... I had work to do. :P One of the things that really had me laughing was the fact that she said she had seen "someone that looked like me" in the research clinic. (she has visited my blog. *Waves* in case you are reading it now.) Once again, I laughed. I -was- at that clinic only this morning. I tell you, it's amazing how small the world is sometimes.

On to knitting news: I got the information on my Sockapalooza buddy today too. I have already picked the pattern. I'm definitely going to have to get some yarn for this project. I have nothing in my stash that will suit her wants and needs. That's okay though. Any excuse to go to the yarn store is a good excuse!

I made some more progress on the sock I am knitting now:

I don't know if you can see it (but I sure can!) I'm getting a bit of laddering on one row. *grumble* This is my second pair of socks I've ever knit and the last pair was made with a thicker yarn so that's probably why I didn't notice any laddering on that pair. That's okay though. This pair is for me. I'll love them no matter what. They are coming out great! Right now, you can see that it's inside out. The cuff will fold down over the 2X2 ribbing and will help cover some of that nasty laddering.

I even picked up my needles and did some more work on that second Pasha. :)

I'm sending out the first box for my Secret Pal this weekend. Man I wish I could post pics of what I am sending her! *laugh* I hope she likes everything...