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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Well I -was- feeling perfectly fine yesterday morning. I had an appointment at the ENT Clinic for allergy testing. So I grabbed my knitting bag, and strolled on over to the clinic for what I thought would be about an hour. Whoo hoo, was I wrong! An hour after I got there, I still hadn't even been called into the exam room! I called my office to let them know I would be later than I thought and sat back down, pulled out my knitting again, and worked a little more on those socks. Knit in a hospital... you'll get attention even faster than knitting in a coffee shop or restaurant! *laugh*

So about a half an hour later, and after being questioned by a few older ladies as to what I was doing, I get called into the exam room. The doctor comes in and does the normal stuff. Looks in my ears, looks in my throat, takes a peek up my nose. That's when he tells me he wants to force some air and then some medicated liquid up my nose so he can put a scope up there!!! *blink* Whaaaa?! Needless to say... I was not agreeable but, whatcha gonna do? I was there for a check up to see if I needed treatment after all. So he puts this scope up my nose. All the way up my nose. He's in there poking around with this scope and my eyes started to water. A lot. Of course, whatever the heck he pumped up there is starting to come out of my nose onto my face and out of my mouth! Gack! He's in there poking around and I can taste this stuff going down the back of my throat. It burns, it's making me gag and he's still pushing this scope in. And it's really, really uncomfortable. I tell him I'm about to cough and sneeze figuring he'd want to take the equipment out and/or at least get out of the way... He says "Go for it". (Like I've got a choice in this matter! I was just trying to be polite and let him know he's about to get covered if he doesn't move...) So I'm coughing, hacking and sneezing, with this scope still up my nose! Of course every time I do, I can see a burst of light in the eye on the side of my face the scope is in. (I'm assuming it was from the light on the end of the scope.)
He pulls the scope out, and kind of sits back. Now you can imagine what this looks like right? I've got all sorts of stuff pouring out of every orifice on my face, I'm hacking badly now and he's standing there chatting at me. I'm thinking, fabulous but um... tissue please? I actually had to ask for one! He hands me a box of tissues and says "Your sinuses are the worst I have ever seen." Here I am... I must look horrible because of all this stuff. I'm blowing my nose and making awful sounds getting all that stuff out of there and I couldn't help but bust out laughing (with a lot of hacking too) and say "Why, thank you!" LOL!

So after all this, I still have to show up on Wednesday for the needle prick test. Why do I have to go back? Because they didn't realize I was sitting in the waiting room for as long as I was or they could have done it then. (The nurse actually told me this!) He put me on some antibiotics and scheduled me for a CAT scan too. Can you believe it? A CAT scan for my sinuses. I was pretty surprised...

So I'm done in the clinic and I head back to my office. For the rest of the day at work, I was drowsy, my throat was burning and I couldn't stop coughing. I had an appointment to go to Guilford College to speak with them about Adult Education and I was feeling so awful, I almost considered calling to cancel. My Karma must be in pretty good shape right now though because
they actually called me to tell me that they needed to reschedule. :) Yay! So I got to go home and rest.

Oh, I didn't mention what he said when he was telling me about the side affects of the antibiotic.

Him: 'Don't ingest large portions of calcium while you are taking these.'

Me: 'Um... I'm taking calcium supplements every morning.'
Him: 'Good. Keep taking them. Take this antibiotic in the evening.'

Me: *blink* 'Okay.'

Him: 'These might make you a little drowsy if you take them with alcohol so I would recommend against drinking when you take them.'
Me: 'Okay. Makes sense.'

For the record, those damn things knocked me out within 15 minutes of taking them. Now I know my body reacts strongly to any medication, but damn! I'm assuming part of that reaction was to whatever he had given me earlier. I was just so drowsy and tired that I was not so sure I could drive home yesterday. I ended up chugging a 20 oz. Mt. Dew right before I had to walk to my car. That pepped me up enough for the drive home. :)

Needless to say, I didn't really get any knitting done. The only time I knit yesterday was while I was in the clinic's waiting room. (So that's why there are no pics today...) I just didn't have the energy when I got home to even keep the cat from snuggling on my neck. She was happy that I was so medicated. She got snuggles all night!

Thankfully, I am feeling much better today. I can actually still smell that stuff he put up my nose though... *blick!*