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Friday, May 19, 2006

Done with one and on to another...

I finished my first cross stitch pattern. Yay! Here it is pre-wash:

And here it is in its pretty, new frame:

I popped it right on the shelf in my cubicle. I think it looks great! :D I've had so many comments about it too. Most people want to know what it says. Of course, after having so many people come by to look at it and then take a peak at the book, I had one of the gals in the office say I should make one for everyone with a little something that they are known for saying. Of course I smiled at this thought... yeah... I want to cross stitch for 33 people. I'll get right on it... But I can honestly say, I am going to do one for Lisa. The other Lisa. *laugh* That's how everyone refers to us: Lisa and the other Lisa. I'm still not clear on which one of us is supposed to be the 'other' Lisa. But I digress... Here it the one I am making for her:

I modified one of the patterns in the book. And nope, it's not perfect but I'm happy with how it is coming out. First lesson learned...? ALWAYS chart out your cross stitch pattern. I eyeballed this one and have had to redo the "I" and the "..." but I'm happy with it either way.
So while I'm sitting on the floor last night, stitching away, Fang decided to come beg for some loving. Out of nowhere, she sits up from what looked like a really good nap, sauntered over and then sat down and stared at me like this:

How can you resist that face? I gave her some ear love and some forehead love (which she loves a lot!) and then got back to my cross stitching. After I was editing the pics I had taken last night, I realized... she most certainly no longer has a kitten face. It's so funny too... how one day they look like kittens and the next their face has changed and they look like cats. And then their face changes again and they look like old cats. Fang most certainly had grown fully into her cat face. Yet she still acts like a kitten most days. But then it's the same for Trouble. I mean, you all saw the pic of her laying on my pattern. Right after that, she decided that head butting one of my breasts while I was trying to knit was a good idea. I disagreed. It's quite distracting is what it is! Take your hand, ball it into a fist and then with the side of you fist, bop your breast from underneath. Yeah... it's just like that... but furrier and purring. You try and keep up with a pattern through all that!

Rotten kitten.