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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bitchin' Cross Stitchin'

Most of the time I go into any store that sells yarn and other threads/fibers, I pass the embroidery thread without so much as a thought. My mind is focused on yarn! But not anymore. I just got a copy of a great cross stitch book:

Subversive Cross Stitch. I love it! It's offensive AND crafty. I had to have it. I can't decide which pattern I want to try first. Of course, this means there are all sorts of tools I need to buy. Now I have even more excuses to go to the yarn store! I think Eric will faint when he sees it. *laugh*

I got home tonight pretty late. About 9:00. I stayed late at work to pack more of my office and well, I'm not even nearly done. I was in no mood to do anything. And yet, I sat down and started flipping through a copy of Family Circle Easy Knitting that I just got the other day. Mind blank, I turned the pages and then stopped. After realizing the I hadn't turned the page for quite a few seconds I realized that I was looking at this:

I glanced toward the closet that holds my stash and thought... "Do I have any cotton yarn right now?" *ponderponder* Why yes I do! A while ago, my lovely secret pal sent me ten skeins of this:

Ah ha! I jumped up and grabbed a skein to see just how much I had. After doing some quick calculations, I realized I would not have enough to make the tank top -and- the cardigan so I decided I would just make the tank top. And here's how far I've gotten:

Here's a close up:

I have come to realize a few things:

1. This is an easy, and nice pattern.

2. It takes an amazing amount of skill to knit with cotton yarn on metal needles. A skill I haven't quite mastered yet. I must have dropped a stitch (or more) at least six times just getting to this point and it was quite aggravating for me, yet liberating for my inner sailor. Right now my cat Trouble is hiding under the futon because I began swearing rather loudly at the last stitch I dropped.

Ah knitting... Such a relaxing hobby. :)

As I sit here and wonder what else I should blog about, I am reminded of something. As I was leaving the parking deck yesterday to head home, I saw this guy:

I have no idea where he was going but I had an urge to follow because it definitely looked like he was heading toward something fun! Oh and before everyone starts sending me emails telling me I'm crazy for taking pictures while driving, I just want you all to know that I was sitting at a stop light. On a hill. Slipping the clutch. :P LOL!

Well it's time to get back to my cotton and cursing. :)