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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Can you believe it? I'm knitting baby stuff!

I never thought I would. But here I am and there is baby yarn on my needles.

One of the women in my office is having twin girls. These will be kids number 4 and five. Her current youngest is turning four. She had gotten rid of -all- of her baby stuff about a year ago. So now she's got nothing so I felt I just had to knit stuff now.

We're holding a baby shower for her this coming Friday and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to finish everything I want to do for her by then. I decided to make two Miss Dashwood hats. Here's one so far:

And here's that picot border:

I'm going to let you know... that picot border is really easy to do... but seriously time consuming! It took me -forever- to cast on those 125 stitches for the small size. *whew!*

I decided to alternate the colors between pink and yellow for one hat and yellow and pink for the other on Ragan's suggestion. The gal I am knitting them for really likes pink and yellow so I think she'll like them.

Before I head back to my needles (cuz I still have to finish the hat's ties and then make a second hat, then some booties, and some onesies...) I wanted to reply to comments.

In response to comments:

Alden said: I'm doing Sockapal3za too, and let me tell you I have NO IDEA what to send (besides the socks, obviously) to my sockpal! Do please post about it when you come up with some ideas? So I can shamelessly steal said ideas?

Oh hey no problem! I'm actually going to go pick up a few things tomorrow. A few people emailed me with some suggestions and they were awesome! Thanks folks!

Stephanie said (with regards to my sewer issues): I'm glad the pipe is fixed and I think you should give her cookies anyway. kill 'em with kindness. That way if the neighbor turns nasty again, it's her bad karma.

Heh. *insert sly smile then witchy cackle here*

Bean said: Crochet! That's great. I don't really do it anymore except maybe edgings and stuff but I think it's a good idea for knitters to know this craft too. I just can't understand why all the warring between knitters and crocheters?

You know I've never understood it either! Frankly it makes no sense to me. *shrug* Come on people. Love thy fellow needle crafter! *hugs*

Marlene said: I used to crochet, but I had a wrist injury a few years ago, and crochet hurts now. It's why I took up knitting. I still like the look of crochet lace better than knitted most days. But knitting makes a better fabric.

Geez I'm sorry to hear that. Does crochet really take more wrist movement than knitting? I knit english and my hands, arms and wrists fly all over the place! :P

Penny Karma said: Bravo for sending thank-you notes! Especially the one to the neighbor. A kind word to an enemy is like putting hot coals on his head. Kill 'em with kindness. Brilliant! And PS, I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Thanks! Like Eric said, nothing says "Get bent" more so than a smile and a flipping of the middle finger. Since we couldn't do that, a thank you card worked just as well. Thanks for the comment on my blog too. I really do try to make it semi-legible and enjoyable. :)

Okies back to the baby stuff!

PS... you should have seen the look on Eric's face when I pulled out the Miss Dashwood pattern and cast on. He calmly looked at me, raised one eyebrow so high it hovered somewhere near the ceiling and said "What are you doing?" *insert wild laugh here*