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Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend and sock update

Weekends go by way too fast some days...

I didn't have jury duty this morning though. I called in last night as the jury summons noted so that I could confirm if they needed me for today at all, and I got the recorded message that everyone was dismissed. Doh. I was actually kind of looking forward to it. I've never been on jury duty before. I have friends that have had all sorts of odd stuff to sit and deliberate over. Dang it, I wanted my turn.

...Especially since it was gonna be prime knitting time! :P

Oh well, maybe in a few months I'll be called again.

(Yeah I know... I must be sick in the head if I want to be called for jury duty. I'd rather be nuts. Being normal is overrated anyway.)

So instead of enjoying my free, paid knitting time, I'm here at work... and getting lots done can you tell? ;) I just wish I could knit in my office when it's not lunch time. *shrug* Oh well.
So instead of sitting here in this dark and dreary office, I decided to go outside. Mainly because Eric recommended it as I was feeling a little down in the dumps in this office. I just wish I could see the sun... So here's a few pics of the trees out front:

And here's the 'petal snow' I talked about. Isn't it lovely?:

So feeling a bit refreshed, I decided to pull out my knitting real quick and do a few sneaky rounds. (Yes... sneaky... with my feet up on the desk for all to see. Totally hidden from view I am.)

... and if anyone had anything to say about it, I'd tell them it was this or take up smoking. I'm cranky enough as it is, you don't want me to smoke -and- knit. Whoo! Someone could get a size 3 needle in the noggin.

But I digress... Here's how the socks for my sock pal looked when I was at work this past Friday:

Here's a close up of the stitches:

And over the weekend, I got a lot done:

Yes it was a rough path to this point but I think I am finally happy with how this sock is coming out. I re-did the toe twice. I ripped out the first lace repeat once and then in my infinite wisdom, I turned the heel after measuring one inch too short. So of course, I had to rip that out, knit a few more lace repeats and then turn the heel.

But here we are! Yay!
Now my only hope is once this sock is done... I hope its mate will look as good. :P