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Monday, February 27, 2006

The things I do for love...

So this past Thursday was my first, full, honest to goodness, day back to work. All 9 hours, I was here. :) Friday, I expected a repeat of the day before.

Nope. I was wrong.

Eric instant messaged me telling me that he was ill. Uh-oh. He was still in the middle of a trip with two days to go and he'd been up all night, throwing up along with other fun stuff. The old "both ends at once" dance. :( So of course, he said he was going to come home early. I didn't have a problem with this at all, of course, I'd prefer him home then out flying when he's sick. All I could think of was him trying to do his safety announcements and then having to grab and air sick bag. ... those poor passengers... *shivers at the thought*

But him coming home early also brought up a problem. His Jeep was in Charlotte. If he flew home to the Raleigh airport and I picked him up, his Jeep would still be in Charlotte and then I'd have to drive him to Charlotte on Tuesday. And then drive back!

What to do... what to do?

Well since he's a flight attendant, I can fly for free so
I decided to fly to Charlotte in the middle of the day, pick him up and then drive the two to two and a half hours home. I'm so glad my boss didn't give me any grief over it. She's so awesome!

I still think that wins me something though. I reminded him... how many spouses would leave work early... head to the airport... deal with security... sit for an hour and a half to fly 40 minutes and then wait for another half hour for his plane to get in and then drive two and a half hours home? Not many. So yeah, I should get something for that. *laugh* Not sure what but something that's for sure. Maybe it's time to browse
Knitpicks. :) He suggested something truly naughty for when he was feeling better. I was hoping for yarn! :P (But I'll still take the naughty stuff) ;)

Of course, the time I spent in the airport and the time on the plane gave me a lot of time to knit. Sadly, I'm at work and forgot my camera or I'd take a pic of how far my second, super, long sock has gotten. I'll probably turn the heel tonight. This is some really nice yarn and it feels great too. :) But it looks like the striping pattern will be off. At first, I was a bit upset but then I thought... that just makes them that much funkier and I was totally going for funky with knitting these socks!

In response to comments:

said: Wow! I bet she was p*$#@d! Heehee!

Oh boy I bet she was... I bet she was and I have no idea why... *innocent look*

Zib said: Karma MUWAHAHAHAHA you SO rock! Neat a back hoe, did they leave it over night?

No they didn't leave it over night. I would have had the urge to climb on it if they did.

Zib also said: What no yarrrrrrnpr0n on it? Sheesh!

Dammit! I didn't even think of that! *smacks forehead* I need more schooling from you lady! Or I just need to learn to flash more pr0n more often. ;)

Margot said: Ugh! So sorry about the sewer issues. Hope it doesn't end up too spendy on your part.

Yeah me too. The first quote we've gotten so far is $1800!

Margot also said: Huffing? Jeez lady, just do your freakin' job.

See... that's what I said! :P

Ragan said: Yeah, KARMA is a well...you know!!

LOL! Damn right it is. And I'm queen bitch of Karma baby! ;)

Well back to work I go.