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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Karma. The good. The bad. The torn up front lawn.

Karma seems to be on the move to equalize lately. Which actually is a good thing. I've been a relatively good girl lately so karma has been kind to repay me in kind. :)

So on to the Good: I read this story in the UNC Gazette and couldn't help but smile. No, I don't know this man. But I did read the report of his attack. I remember thinking, "Damn that sucks" and throwing away the paper like I'm sure most of my colleagues did. I was glad to know that not all my colleagues on campus did the same thing I did. :) What has karma taught me here? That no matter where you turn, there are still good, honest people in this world.

So on to the Bad: So I have had a knitting project sitting in a bag for only who knows how long. So what does this mean for me? I have forgotten where I was in the pattern, my gauge is now all off I'm sure and I'm hoping I will not need to rip it back at all. What has karma taught me here? I need to finish what I start.

So on to the Torn Up Front Lawn: Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Over the weekend, Eric and I noticed that there was water seeping up from the side of the house and pouring down our neighbor's driveway. I remember thinking "That's not good." So I called the City Public Works office and got my neighbor. Yes, my neighbor works for the City. This happens to be the same neighbor that complained about how tall my grass was (two years ago) not to myself or Eric but to her boss who promptly sent a citation via the Police department to our door. How nice. And she did this three times. How does that phrase go? 'Choke the snot out of thy neighbor?'

So anyhoo, I called and after much huffing from her (yes huffing!) I got her to send out a crew to check our sewer connections. (And was she huffy!) So, they weren't sure as to what the problem was and told Eric that they would have to come back on Tuesday. And come back they did. With this:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a back hoe. Here's another angle:

They tore up my front lawn and found that part of the problem was theirs and part of the problem is mine. Well that's good to know. They proceeded to tear up a good portion of her lawn as well (accidentally with the treads of aforementioned back hoe) and left dirt and rocks all over her driveway. They also had her driveway completely blocked with trucks and equipment so when she came home for lunch, she had a hard time getting in and out of her driveway. My driveway was clear. So what has karma taught us here? Don't fuck with Lisa. Don't get huffy with me. Don't get pissy with me. Just do your job and send a crew over when a homeowner calls with a problem about her sewer connection.

*struts* Oh yes. I rock. And no, I'm not modest. :P

Considering there were eleven men on my lawn all damn day, pounding and jack hammering, and digging, the cats seemed to take it pretty well:

Heck, they barely moved all day.

In response to comments:

said: Wow! A man who'll scrub your kitchen floor. He's a keeper.

Yeah and he can get things off high shelves too! That's a bonus in my book. :)

Isela said: awesome, the socks and the hubby scrubbing the floor. Now, he is really a man after your heart.

Thanks! I cast on the other toe last night. Yeah he is... he's always after my tooshie too. ;)

Helen said: a white russian with milk?!?! ugh. always use half and half. mmmmm, mmmm good.

Most bars I know of use milk even though the recipe calls for half and half. I guess they are trying to save some cash that way.

Ragan said: Hey...HELP ME!!! I need a couple patterns for my new yarn...HELP HELP!!!

Keep an eye on your mail box. I sent some to you. :)

LaBean said: Think I can get a June Bug up here, or is that only a Southern thing?

You know I have no idea. I've never even heard of one until I went to the Lantern.

Well I should get back to work... after all, my break ended about a half hour ago. ;)