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Monday, January 02, 2006

T minus one day

Tomorrow I'll be under the 'knife'. I'm having sinus surgery so that maybe, just maybe I'll finally be able to breathe. I'm having the procedure done at UNC (where I work) by Dr. Brent Senior. He's the Division Chief for the Department of Otolaryngology and specializes in cases as severe as mine. (Trust me! It's severe!) He's a really funny guy too. I think he can tell just how nervous I am about the procedure and every time I've left his clinic, I have at least felt confident. I'm just nervous about being put under is all. Any hoo, here's what he's going to be doing:

1. a total
2. a middle meatal antrostomy
3. a
4. an intramural cautery
5. an outfx of turbinates

And all with stereotactic CT guidance. That makes me feel better. That means that he'll be using my two cat scans for guidance so that he'll be able to perform the procedure a lot easier.

So of course, today was my pre-op. I've never, ever, been fully sedated. I am not terribly nervous but I sure as hell ain't calm! Here is the face of calm:

Yeah... and while I may look relatively fine in the pic, please note that my blood pressure was 143 over 72! (I'm normally 110 over 70) *laugh*

I went from clinic, to clinic, to clinic this morning. From 9 am to noon I was in that hospital but I never had to wait very long. Man I didn't realize how much stuff you had to do before surgery! And I'm just doing some outpatient work. I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt! And I didn't get any cool prizes either. But I guess I will tomorrow with a bruised face, bleeding nose and Percocet. ;) Eric was on it after his wisdom teeth were pulled. It made him smile a lot. *laugh*

I'll tell you one thing that surprised me about the ENT clinic... I've never been in the rooms they have for the kids before, but I think I prefer them. Check out these pics:

All the rooms where the adults are normally put in are stark white (see the pic above). I think I'd like having a nasal endoscopy if when I opened my eyes there were playful whales there. :P

Well, time to go get some things together. Surgery is at 8:15 tomorrow morning and I should get to bed. Wish me luck!