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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rocking socks

Oh yeah. I roXXors. (Me. Modest? Nope.) I figured I'd knit up a set of socks for my mother in law and lookie how nice they came out! I'm actually really, really happy with them. I

So that brings my list to:

Eric (my husband): Scarf (his request)
My MIL, Denise: Socks - Done! (see above)
My FIL, Dennis: Hat with a Harley Davidson logo (Yes. I am insane.)
My BIL, Joel: Scarf
My BIL, Patrick: Hat
Alesia: Socks
Heather: Socks
Ragan: Wouldn't you like to know Ragan! LOL! Muwhahahahaha! Okay it's a Pasha. :P
Mike and April: Afghan
Maura: Socks

So what does that mean? I need to learn how to knit in my sleep.

In response to comments:

Donna said: Cool looking entrelac pattern from your Knitty pal. Can you share the source of that?

My SP sent it to me from a place called Tradewind Knitwear Designs. It's called the Entrelac Scarf by Luey Neathy and you can visit their website at www.tradewindknits.com.

She also said: I'd love to do an entrelac scarf and have two lonely balls of Silk Garden.

Oh I bet that would be nice! :)

Okies, time for some caffeine and knitting.