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Monday, September 19, 2005

Down time

Things have not been very busy here at the home of urbanpagan. I just really haven't had that huge urge to knit lately. *shrug* Mind you, this does not prevent me from having about five projects staring me in the face! *scowls* I haven't knit anything, not one stitch, in two days. Some of you would cry in horror! Some of you would wonder if I had a fever. But really, I think it's just because I haven't been moved. Or should I say, I just haven't moved at all. It comes and goes for me some days. The cry of the needles is like a siren's song most of the time but lately they just seem like whiney little bitches. I think I just need to finish something. That weekend bunny was just the boost I needed last week. I think I just need to finish the I Do shrug and all will be well with the world! The wedding I am making it for is on October 1st. The hat I am working of for the contest is due on September 30th. Nothing like a deadline huh? ;)

I know that part of my problem is my mad addiction to sock knitting. It consumes me... normally. All I want to do is buy sock yarn. All I want to do is teach people to knit socks. Is something wrong with me? ;)

Ah well, I'm sure it's nothing more than the down slump that all knitters get from time to time. And heck, I'm sure tomorrow I'll be at work and I'll be itching to knit something. Anything! *laugh*

Actually, you know there is the book my friend Maura just bought me as a belated birthday gift: The Yarn Harlot. Maybe I'll go read that and it will inspire me to grab my needles. :)

In the mean time, here are some kitty pics to appease the masses. Can you see what's going through her furry, little mind?

Yeah, I could too.

Bad kitten.