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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sockapal-2-za socks... done!

Woot! I must have really been motivated. Maybe it was how much I liked the pattern. Maybe it was how much I liked the yarn. Or maybe it's the fact that I've been home sick the past few days. *rae* I say it's all of the above. Either way, I'm done!

And yes, she's got bigger feet than me. :) And I'm sure some of you might ask... what was my secret for how to finish my sock? Attached I-cord. I got the idea from Marsha at Yarns Etc. but Lass helped me out. Thanks Lass! :)

I like that attached I-cord a lot more than the previous incarnation of the socks. :) Yup. It's official. I dig these socks.

Of course since I have finished these socks, that means it's time for another project. So I have decided to run a poll. Which should I do?

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So besides sitting at home with Eric and both of us being sick, I did have the chance to see something interesting. We were both having those "We're sick and don't want to cook or go to the grocery store for food or order pizza so why not go out for Chinese take-out" kind of moods. So since I was in better shape to head outside into the big wide world, I did. And I ended up seeing the Citgo Prize Patrol. And yup... I won some gas! $25 worth to be exact. *insert big grin here*

Nifty eh?