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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We went, we saw, we played!

Whoo hoo it was a good four days. Eric and I went to Origins 2005! Four days of games, gamers, more games, and more gamers. I was among my people. :P

Here's some pics:

Oh and lookie... they are thumbnails! I learned some more html niftiness. :)

This is a set of armor we saw on the exhibit floor and a few people we saw walking around the con. :)

my friends my friends my friends my friends

When we got there, they gave us a goodie bag filled with packs of various collectible card games, a six sided die with the Origins logo on it, some posters, and some event fliers. One of the games that was included was called Pirates of the Spanish Main. Talk about a fun game! Eric and I opened out packs right up, built our ships and got to playing!


my friends my friends

Yes... for those of you, my t-shirt says "You're not only wrong, the rules say you're a dick!" I got a -lot- of compliments on it. LOL! It's the Rules Lawyer shirt and I bought it from Offworld Designs. I saw this shirt at the con but didn't have the cash for it. I will have to get it before we go to GenCon. ;)

While we were playing, plenty of people kept stopping to see what we were doing and a few even stopped to chat. One boy stopped to play. :) His name is AJ and he and his father were at the con for a Pokemon tourney. Here's Eric showing him how to play:

my friends my friends

So of course, we became obsessed and bought some more cards and put some more ships together:

my friends

And that's when it hit me... everyone else walking in those doors also had a goodie bag. I doubted that even half of them were interested in the game. What would they do with those cards? I pondered the situation and I'm sure you could see the lightbulb explode over my head when the idea hit me. Swindle, I mean, barter for those cards! It would be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying them. *insert devious smile here* So yes boys and girls, I sauntered up in my best cell phone sales rep saunter (I sold cell phones for four and a half years) and got a bunch of guys to give me their packs for free and some others I bought for a $1 or $2 a pack. ;) For the record, I did not swindle, er trade with, any children nor any of my sister gamers. Nope, all my targets, um traders, were men well into their late teens and older. Yup. I played the boobies card. And it worked well! Eric was so proud! *insert vigorous nod from him* He actually started pointing out guys he thought I could get cards from. Tee hee. I did tell them I wanted them. And I did offer to pay for them. But like I have said many, many times, never ever underestimate the mystical power of the hooter! And I stuck my mystical jubliees out there and got me some cards! ;)

The next day we decided in our infinite wisdom to play a game at 8am even though we stayed up until 1am the night before. Here's a shot of me taking a nap before the game started:

my friends

We had signed up to play a Giant version of Settlers of Catan. It turned out to be a great game! Here's a few pics along with the winning board and of Keith, the winner. He played very well!


my friends my friends
my friends my friends

I was green, Eric was blue, Delia was yellow, and Keith was red. Delia was a newbie player but she made some extremely decisive moves! She completely cut me off, made sure Eric's expansion was halted, but in that move, handed Keith the win. We all had a great time though. :)

Here's Eric all bleary eyed, waiting for the game to start but standing in front of one of the
Car Wars boards that was set up:

my friends my friends

And in front of the Risk map (yes, they played on this map... even had a tournament):

my friends

On the last day we were there, we played in two tourneys (didn't do very well but had fun!) and we ended up waiting in line, like everyone else to get into the Exhibit hall to do some shopping!

my friends

We even amassed a good number of cards so we could have ourselves a pretty good sized fleet of pirate ships. :) All the while, there were plenty of other games going on around us:

The whole time I was there, I saw many, many beautifully knitted items, but I saw only one person knitting. I had brought mine but I can tell you... I never once pulled out the needles. It was just too much fun running all over that convention hall.

Well off to bed I go. Tomorrow I'll post what the trip was actually like. Oh you thought that when we traveled this time, something didn't happen to try and make our trip an adventure?! Ha! Traveling with us is -always- an adventure!