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Thursday, June 09, 2005

*Insert nifty title here*

Nope. I couldn't think of a damn thing to title this post. Apparently, blogging on medication that can cause drowsiness tends to impede the creative thought processes. Or maybe because it's 11:15 and I should have gone to sleep a long time ago.

Pick one that works for you. Both work pretty well me. ;)

So what did I do that kept me awake and yawning so much I think my jaw is about to unhinge? Why this!:

My Clapotis has been my on again, off again, home project and tonight, it demanded attention. :)

At work, I did a bit more on the I Do shrug. I am past the infamous Row 60:

Any why yes, that is Velvet's paw in the picture. No matter how hard I tried, she was determined to photographed!

Well, these meds are kicking in and I think I should listen to my still recovering body and go to bed. Bah! Forget about bed. Look! Adult Swim is on! ;)