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Thursday, May 19, 2005

WARNING! Quota exceeded!

Yup... my Dumbass/Whine-ass quota got completely out of hand today. By about 3pm, I was done dealing with Dumbasses and Whine-asses. Done I tell you!

My day started out with driving to work. Normally not a big deal. Today... apparently I wrong. It took an extra five minutes to drive through the parking deck because not one but two people decided in their infinite wisdom to back into the parking spaces. Now I know this makes me a whine-ass for complaining about it but for fuck's sake.. just pull in! There is a line forming behind your fifteen point turning ass and we are not appreciating your inability to drive backwards! Grr.

The day goes on with me getting into my office and finding not one, not even two, but three, three faxes from three different people for the same exact thing they faxed me for the day before. Why is this a problem? Well... I don't need that information. I need different information. Once again, I know this makes me a whine-ass for complaining about it but come on people! Look at the email I sent you. Look at what you are faxing me. Make a connection! Grr.

By lunch time, I'm ready for a break. I start reading the
Knittyboard and there, I start shaking my head again. There are some new surprises out in Knitty. Really cute ones too. A sweater for a baby, a nursing tank top, and some doll clothes. Now work with me on this... I have no children. I am not nursing. I have no dolls. No, I will most likely not knit any of them and yet, I still think the patterns are cute. Apparently not everyone agrees with this. And they are entitled not to like something but whoa people! Whoa! There have been some not too kind comments about these suprises. *rae* Well now people.. I have news for you. I have not nor will I ever be interested in any of the baby things that are in Knitty. This does not mean I do not think they are cute and/or skillful patterns. I will not be interested in any of the ponchos. I think ponchos are a horrible creation especially on a busty woman but this does not mean I will dog on the designer. Some of them are quite lovely in complexity, style, layout and design. Yet I ain't knittin' any of 'em! So why oh why are people bitching about these suprises? *shrug* Yes, I know this makes me a whine-ass for complaining about it but come on people... you don't have to dog on the designer when you don't want to knit the item now do you? Grr. (as a matter of fact, I may make the nursing tank top but I'll sexy it up and make it for the bedroom. Raar!) Oh my goodness! Go fig! I can convert a pattern into something I like. Who'd have thunk it? Now I know I've offended someone... and I could care less. As I've said before... you are entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong you might be. *Sly wink* LMAO!

So after posting my mind on the board, I get back to work. The rest of my day is filled with phone calls. Now, I've said it many times before... there is no such thing as a stupid question, but there is pretty frigging close! This afternoon all the questions were pretty frigging close. *sigh* I can't really complain about it because I know I'm going to get these sorts of questions but I'm in the zone so I'm being a whine-ass! :P

5 o'clock hits and I am out the door! I pull out of the parking deck and then had to put my head on the steering wheel so I wouldn't scream at the idiot (work with me here...) walking in the diminishing suicide lane right in the middle of the busiest stretch of road near the hospital. Did I mention that this particular stretch of road is under construction? No? Well it is... and this moron had decided in his infinite wisdom to stand in the suicide lane right next to where it becomes the turning lane where a bus is trying to turn! Do you see the problem here? In the words of Inigo Montoya of the movie
The Princess Bride, "Let me explain. No, it's too much. Let me sum up." I have a bus and a pedestrian blocking all three lanes of traffic and of course, I have an idiot behind me honking his horn at me, you know... the person actually in the correct lane. Mind you, he is now blocking the intersection behind me and the light has changed. There are now more cars honking... at him. Has this pedestrian moved yet? Oh no. He's waiting for the light to change so he can run out in front of on coming traffic so he can get to the parking deck. *My right eye begins to twitch* I make it out of the campus only to come to the scene of an accident right outside the police station. You have no idea what this did to the traffic. It is truly beyond words. I can not find the words (and I even looked some up in the thesaurus) to describe to you, my wonderful blog readers, what exactly began to occur on the streets of Chapel Hill this evening. You have those people that are worried about passing the police station. You have those that will not move lanes until the last possible second. Then you have those that will not let anyone in their lane so we can all get past the accident and all the cop cars. Then you have the busses that need to move lanes, dropping off and picking up passengers at the same time... right next to the accident scene. Then you have those that, upon seeing all the traffic lined up all the way back up the hill that decide to drive in the suicide lane. Then you have those that, once again in their infinite wisdom, decide they need to turn around. Did I mention that this is a five lane road (including suicide lane)? No? Really? Well it is. I saw not one but two very nearly head on or t-bone accidents because of these maneuvers. Now of course, this makes me a whine-ass for complaining about it but people... didn't we pass a driver's exam at least somewhere?! *Starts grinding teeth* Grr.

Needless to say, I got very little knitting done today but I did get the opportunity to release my inner sailor at the top of my lungs within the confines of my vehicle.


And I'm feeling much better now...


When I got home, I can tell you it's nice to pull in my driveway because of the flowers blooming on the porch:

When Eric was home this past weekend, we decided that we are going to buy some trellis material and connect the posts so that it frames the porch a bit and will allow the vine on one side and the roses on the other to grow. I think it will look beautiful!

When I went inside, I was greeted by my kitties. Velvet wanted some loving. Here she is tapping me on the leg asking me for scritches:

She is the cutest thing in the world when she does that! Trouble does it too... but usually only when you are on the toilet. *sigh* She loves to invade your private time if you know what I mean... I think she figures, "Hey, you aren't going anywhere any time soon." *Taps you with paw* "Pet me."

Of course, I got comfy and sat down just in time to see the cats start wrestling. Trouble came over and sniffed Velvet. Apparently, Trouble felt Velvet needed a bath.

Velvet disagreed.

A lot.

But apparently Trouble's policy of baths no matter what the circumstances was in effect.

I have the strangest cats. *Laugh* Where's my knitting bag? *Wanders off in search of my needles and yarn*

In response to comments:

Tamara said: 'I Do' is coming along beautifully!! Are you using the same yarn for Clapotis too? Thanks! But no I am not using the same yarn. I am using Tahki Cotton Classic for the I Do shrug and Knitpicks' Andean silk for the Clapotis. :)

Christine said: I'm all about the lace knitting these days and I've been looking at the "I Do" pattern and contemplating making one of my own. Maybe after I'm done with my shawl knitting kick! Oh I highly recommend the I Do shrug. It's very lovely and very easy to knit. :)