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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I want to be a Knitster Grrl!

Okay, so about a month ago, I decided to get a DVR. Why? Well Eric has gone absolutely crazy for a tv show called Deadwood. Of course, I started watching it too (once we got HBO) and got hooked as well. :) No it is not for everyone and if you are easily offended by swear words... it is most -certainly- not for you! Either way, it is a great tv show. :)

But anyhoo, I got the DVR so I could record Deadwood (along with other shows) for Eric while he's out flying. Of course, I started recording things I wanted to see too. I found this great show on DIY Network called Knitty Gritty. I love this show! I've recorded about a dozen episodes already because it plays a few times a day (different episodes even) and just about everyday. I've learned so much watching this show that I've already noticed a change in my knitting for the better. :) The hostess, Vickie Howell, always has guest knitters on the show that she calls Knitsters or Knitster Girls. I'd love to get on this show and knit with them! :) Yeah it's goofy but dang it... it looks fun. *laugh*

But on to what I'm up to. I got my yarn for the I Do shrug. I also decided to get some beads to knit into the bell sleeves. See...:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I went with the recommended yarn sub of Tahki Cotton Classic. I had originally wanted to do this pattern in grey but I wasn't able to find one I liked so I went with black. That's why I got the beads as well. I wanted to liven up the black a bit. Now I just need to figure out where I need to place the beads in the pattern. Sure... make it harder right? :P

While I was at Yarns Etc., the clerk there, Ivy, showed me the sale bin and I ended up taking these home.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's Lane Botgosesia, Oceano. 54% Cotton, and 46% Viscose. It feels like silk! And they were only $3 each. Score! I am so checking that bin more often...

I also whipped out a bunch of stitch markers. Once again, I was feeling the need to bead. See...:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

These will be some more RAK's. :)

Of course, through all this the kitties were doing their own thing. Here they are, eyeing a bird:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In reply to all the comments on my Cleaves... thanks so much! A lot of people have told me it looks great and I can honestly say, I agree. Modest? Me?! Never! Ha! Bring on the compliments! *wink*

Well I'm off to start on that I Do shrug. Now where the heck is my calculator? *ponderponder* Oh great... I guess I'm going to have to plot out the pattern for these beads by hand. Doh.