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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And this would make it the fourth time I've ever thrown up in public.

Oh I know I have your curiosity piqued now! *sly grin*

On Friday, I went down to Charlotte to visit Eric. He's still living down there with a colleague of his, Jeffrey, while he has a reserve line with
PSA Airlines. We had thought that he would have a line (meaning a set schedule) for June so he could move back home, but we were wrong. He's literally the most senior person on reserve right now. That means he did not get a line but that if they add even one more line, he's guaranteed one even if it is a crappy one. So yeah, we're both a bit bummed but I digress. I went down to Charlotte so we could all go to Carowinds. Who's all of us? Myself, Eric, his colleague Jeffrey, his man Dean, their other colleague Kristen and her man Matt. We were supposed to have one more person but sadly she was unable to get to Charlotte on time. (All the flights were full already.) :(

Anyhoo, I got to Charlotte on Friday. Eric, Jeffrey, Dean and I all went to see
Episode III. All I can say is, of Episodes I, II, and III, it was most certainly the best. But no, I can not agree that and of Episodes I, II or III were any better than IV, V, and VI. Can not I say!

Saturday we went shopping and looking for comic book shops. Can I just say one thing?
Citysearch sucks! We were looking for comic book shops. Of the four we went to find, three did not even exist anymore and the one we did find was just poo. :( So we decided to go see Unleashed. I like Jet Li. He's the reason I went to see it. The fight scenes were pretty good but in my opinion, even they could not save this movie. I personally think it's worth seeing but paying more than $5 for! We also went to a restaurant called RuSan's. Wow this is one of the best sushi restaurants I have hands down, ever been to! If you ever get to Charlotte, go to RuSan's!!!

On Sunday, it was time for Carowinds. See:

I have no idea who those people are but they were standing there so nicely, I just took their picture. :) I hadn't realized that Carowinds crossed two states. But here I am, standing in North and South Carolina with the all original, 'standing in two states' picture! Whoo hoo!:

So we got right to riding. After the first ride, I realized I was getting a bit hot and needed some water. Keep in mind, I know already that I dehydrate easily. I know that slowly drinking warm water is the best way to get yourself rehydrated. So what do I do? I guzzle a 20 oz. bottle of freezing cold water. Exactly five minutes later, I an throwing up in the grass. *sigh* We've got seven more hours to go and already I feel like absolute shit! Yay me!


But does this stop me from getting on rides? Not exactly. Out of the 16 total rides that everyone got on, I skipped three. Eric skipped one (to sit with me). Jeffrey skipped one because he didn't want to get wet. Kristen skipped two because she began to feel ill after we stopped for margaritas. (No, I did not partake of the margaritas. Oh I wanted to but I knew that would be the worst thing for me to do!) Only Matt and Dean were the die-hards! Go boys! :)

When we were down to the last hour before the park closed, we all wanted to do different things so we split up. Jeffrey and Dean got on the Borg ride. Kristen and Matt got on the Top Gun ride. Eric and I went and got an Old Tyme Photo done! :) See...:

Yes I know, it's a picture of a picture but I ain't got a scanner here. (And boy howdy do I want one!) We're both really pleased with how it came out. Now do me a favor and take a peak at that dress I have on. Do you know that there is a rule that says women are to leave their pants on when they put on the costumes. Um hello! I was wearing black jeans! I really , really did try to roll them up to go under the skirt but I valued my circulation more than anything. So I took them off. Breaking the law!!! *wink!*

We added it to the wall next to the other Old Tyme Photo we took the day after our wedding back in 1998. Here is pic of that one:

I've always loved this one because it's framed with a marriage certificate. In the picture, I look bored and Eric looks terrified! LOL! :)

On Monday, we recovered! Yikes was I whooped after Sunday! But it was a good day. A very good day. Once we got moving, we went to go see
Crash. I had never heard of it. Eric had seen one trailer. We decided to go check it out. Wow you must see this movie before it leaves the theater! Stop reading this blog and go see it now! Right now. This instant. Don't make me come over there... It's not at all what you think it's going to be like. It's harsh, cruel, makes you angry as hell but also makes you cry. I can tell you there was one scene where Eric was crying before I was because I was still so in shock...

Go see it.

Today, I left him at 5am and drove home so I could go to work.

Yes I'm tired.

So no, I didn't get hardly any knitting done.

*wanders off to bed mumbling promises pics of knitting and kitties for tomorrow.*