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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

*sniffle, snort, cough, sniffle*

I'm gonna choke my colleague. She came to work last week... sick. Now... I'm sick. *shakes fist* Bad thing? I had to use a sick day and of course, I felt like poo for most of the day. Good thing? Lots and lots of time to knit! So maybe I'll let her get off light. Maybe.

Here's my progress on the

And here's a close up of my first dropped stitch:

Woot! I've actually done a bit more since taking these pictures. I'm already past the second dropped stitch. I'm really liking this pattern and the
Andean Silk feels great! I think it's going to be really nice when it's done.

In response to comments:

Alison said: I was going to take pics of me walking my yarn, taking it shopping to the grocery store, teaching it to drive. Now I fear Others may think I stole from you. Alas, you are just one twisted lady like me.

Alison, go ahead! Post what you like I say. Personally, I'd love to see you teaching your yarn to drive! Even more so if you can teach it to drive a stick! ;)

Alison also said: BTW, I noticed you had yourself a drink on the table. Not very polite to not have offered your new yarn one as well. Maybe that is why she didn't cut you any slack on smoking you in the games. Think about that for awhile.

Alison, all I can say is, I offered the tweed yarn a drink. It being tweedy and snooty (as we all know tweed can sometimes be) it demanded Pelegrino. All I has was Perrier, since that is what Eric drinks, so it refused any and all refreshment. It did whine for me to go out and get some Pelegrino, but I told it in no uncertain terms that I was in my robe which meant that I was comfortable and would not go out for any other reason!

Michelle said: I blogged teaching my kitty to knit!!

You taught your kitty to knit? Sweet! Does she knit English or Continental? What is she working on now? One of my cats (Trouble) is left pawed. Can you teach her to knit too? I doubt Velvet has the attention span to be able to sit and learn to knit. Maybe in a few years.

Helen said: you never fail to make me laugh. in a good way, of course. hehe. laughing with you, not at you?

I prefer to say I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing near you. *insert devious grin here*

Monkeemaven said: Yikes!! To be beat by yarn... that doesn't really say much about your skillz.

Well now... I got skillz girlie! Serious skillz! It had just been a long day was all... yeah, that's it. Long day. Oh, and it cheated! Yeah, don't forget that! *scratches head and looks around innocently* Yeah, that's it. Yeah. *grumbles something about my skillz and goes to take a hit of Nyquil and a does of Benedryl before going back to knitting...*