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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Lookie! I got a package from the RAK Adoption Agency from the Land of Misfit Yarn

Yup. I did, I did! Inside was seven balls of Lion Brand Al-pa-ka (Color #252 Oxford Tweed), a dollar bill which I registered on WheresGeorge, and a note. This one:

(For those of you that can't read the note...)

Hello! Here is some yarn from the Land of Misfit Yarn. As much as I listen, it won't tell me what it wants to be. So, all I could hear from it was "If you send me to urbanpagan, at least she will play with me", said in a rather whiney voice. So here it is! Hopefully it will tell you it's destiny. If not use it for a trade! Happy knitting/stashing! ?Me? :)

You know, a few games sound like a good idea. Eric is still out of town and I could use a bit of fun. So I pulled out the backgammon. Here it is beating me:

We played three games and it won every time!

So I pulled out the cards for some poker:

It's label says 30% Alpaca, 30% Wool, and 40% Acrylic, but it should say 100% cheater! Where the hell did it get that fourth queen from?! *grumblegrumble*

So when I lost my last few pennies, I pulled out the Dungeons and Dragons books. Here it is scoring a critical hit on my last Giant Spider:

*shakes head* Who'd have thought Lion Brand made a good gaming yarn. I might have to take it to Origins with me the end of this month! I could use its dice rolling mojo! :)