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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It was 7:50 AM and I knew it was going to be a weird day.

How you ask? I was approaching downtown Chapel Hill traffic and I had just finished one of those yawns. You know the kind. The kind of yawn that makes you feel like your head is trying to fold itself in half and you have stars in your eyes when you are done, leaving you dazed. But also because as I approached the busiest intersection in the city, (Historic Airport Blvd and Franklin Street) I saw a deer running down Franklin Street.


At first, I didn't even slow down since no one else ahead of me was. I thought "Did I just really see a deer? A deer running down Franklin Street in morning rush hour traffic?" Then as I followed traffic across Franklin Street, I slowed down to peer down Franklin Street at the doe running in the suicide lane towards Carrboro. There were some people waiting for the bus on the street corner. I saw that they looked at each other in confusion and then back down the street, at the deer. They had seen it too. I was -not- going out of my mind. Good. I still hadn't gotten to work yet and I was really in no mood to start spiraling into insanity right at that very moment.

Not a heck of a lot went on today though. Well, at least nothing that really seemed odd. Nothing could really top that deer today. *shrug*

I did a bit of knitting but nothing really worth taking pictures of. Instead, I leave you with my cats attacking the tie on my robe:

And a picture from a while ago of Trouble attempting to snuggle in a box way too small for her body:

Oddness just tends to draw itself to me and somehow, I am still not used to it. *Laugh*