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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Whole lot of updating going on!

When I got home today, I had two, count 'em two, packages waiting for me. *insert gleeful squeak here*

First, I got this from Wendy:

Some lovely mohair that I have a few ideas for what I will do with it. Oh yes... But I won't tell you now. It would spoil the surprise. ;) She also sent along some Filatura di Crosa Brilla.

All I can say is... Wendy... I love you.

The other package was from my Secret Pal! Lookie what she sent me:

I've been wanting this book for some time. She's so good to me. :)

This past Saturday, Eric was home and we got invited to our friend Ully's new house for a party. His house is a condo that is part of an old renovated cotton mill. And of course, what makes any old cotton mill a home? Why a 200 foot phallus that's what!

All I could say was "Holy crap!" Here's a pic of another friend named Ken (no, no Barbie came with him... I asked long ago) looking at said massive tower:

As the sun went down, the exterior lights came on and we were greeted with a lovely, quiet, cozy area to sit in:

Of course, this was the perfect time for me to pull out my needles. I had brought my I Do shrug with me so I pulled that out and got to work. I have finished placing all the beads on this sleeve and the knitting is going a lot faster now. Wow I didn't realize how many beads I was working with and how much it would slow me down. But that's okay, I think it's going to be beautiful when it's done. Here's how it looks so far:

I've finished the bell of the sleeve and am now working on the increases at the elbow. I love it!

When I got home, I pulled out my Clapotis and did a few more rows on it. This is an easy, watch tv and knit project. :) This Andean Silk is knitting up fabulously and I think this wrap will be divine when it's done! Although, I'll be honest, I am getting nervous with the thought that at some point, I am going to have to drop those stitches. I've never had to do it before... I feel dangerous! (No really, I do.) *insert sly wink here*

I realized as I was going over my previous posts that I forgot to post a pic of a bird that Azuredrake and I saw last week. This little guy was washing himself in the fountain outside the Children's Hospital main hall:

Gotta keep the wings clean. The ladies dislike a stinky wing. (I sure as heck know I do!)

Speaking of wings, time for me to fly off to bed but before I go...

In response to comments:

From Monkeemaven: I love you. Marry me.

and from Wendy: No no marry me!! ME ME!

Ladies, ladies. There's no reason to fight. *insert best imitation of schmarmy lounge lizard suggestive eyebrow wiggle here* There's plenty of urbanpagan to go around! Besides... I already have a husband but there's no law saying I can't have a wife. Oh wait. There is. Dammit!!!