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Thursday, July 07, 2005


That's the question I want to know. How? How can someone, anyone have that much hatred in their heart? In their soul? How can someone wear a bomb with the intent to blow up innocent people? How can they plant bombs on trains and buses? How can they bear to kill innocent people, especially children?

I read the news at lunch today. Yeah... it took me a few hours to hear about the tragedy in London today. I'll be honest... I don't listen to or watch the news in the morning. I read it at lunch. And my heart fell. Once again I ask... how? How can you grow up with that much hatred? How can you pass that much hatred on to others? How can you never question it? How can you blindly follow such horrible beliefs?

Now I am not beating on the Muslim faith. Far from it. I am beating on Al-Qaeda and all those that agree with their tenants. Can they not see that the more they attack innocent people, all they do is prove to the world that they need to be destroyed? All the deaths they have caused. Does no one see that nothing, no more talking, no more negotiations will work with these people? No more fucking around. As horrible as it sounds they need to be wiped out. We need to educate the world that teaching hatred, harboring those that propagate hatred is wrong. Helping them hide is wrong. It's just like letting a murderer hide in your house. It's wrong! We need to teach the world that there are some times when you need to just -end- it. End the spread of hatred and violence. And we need to teach the world that some times, violence is how you end all of it. Does no one remember WWII? That was a whole lot of violence but it ended an even worse violence and hatred. We all united to stop the Nazis. We -must, must, must- all unite to stop Al-Qaeda. No more fucking around.

Now I know, I know... some of you will ask how can I the self proclaimed urbanpagan, even say such a thing? Well you know what folks? I may be a tree-hugging (literally), bon-fire jumping (literally), tax-paying, Monday to Friday working, man and woman loving woman, but I have to put my foot down here. No. More. Fucking. Around.

Londoners, my heart goes out to you. I don't know what to do. I want to help but I am too old to join the military. I can't afford to fly overseas to help in rebuilding. But you know what I can do? I can teach others that hatred... spreading hatred, is wrong. Help me everyone. Help London. Help the world. Teach everyone, children, adults, everyone, that hatred just to hate is wrong. Teach them that love, understanding, the ability to agree to disagree, is the way we all need to live.

Maybe it's because I grew up with that belief. I was not white enough for most white folks. I was not black enough for most black folks. I was not of a traditional faith. I was not from a traditional family. Nothing in my life growing up was easy or text book or cookie cutter. I had to learn that everyone is unique. Everyone has an idea. And everyone needs to know that about everyone else. Everyday, people in my office tell me that I have a unique perspective on life. I disagree. I just pay attention to life and I try to teach myself and others, something new everyday.

You know what I taught myself today? No more fucking around.

Lesson complete. Bitch at me all you want. You know this time... I'm right. You know it in your heart. But if you have another way... teach me. I want to learn.

Blessed be London. Blessed be.