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Monday, July 11, 2005

We went, we saw, we played part two!

Okies, as promised, I thought I would relay the tale of our trip to Origins. Yeah... traveling with us is -always- an adventure. ;)

Eric and I arrived in Columbus, Ohio at about 4pm. We checked in and then went straight to the convention center. We ended up standing in line for almost an hour just to get our badges. Funny enough, it wasn't that bad considering how many people were there. :)

As we drove back to our hotel, I was a bit disconcerted because the traffic lights were out for two blocks. Yup... we had no power for a two block radius. Guess what was at the center... nothing other than our hotel. It was well in the 80's and out hotel had a window but not one that could open. It had been caulked up. We had no air circulating in there, as well as no light. So we decided we would go out for dinner and then find some candles so we could read and play some games. Dinner consisted of McDonald's since that was the only thing open and with power that we could get to. As for candles... no dice. Not one store had -any- candles for sale! Well... none under $20 that is. So we went back to our hotel room where Eric turned on his laptop and we fell asleep in the sweltering heat at about midnight to the music playing on his laptop. -Right- after we had both fallen asleep, the power came back on. Yay! We were both blinded by the lights kicking on. Sadly... this did not start the AC going though. That didn't kick in until about 1am. Oy.

The next few days weren't all that bad. Actually... that was the worst part of the trip. Oh well.. I guess I was being melodramatic. :P But seriously... traveling with us is always an adventure.

But onto other news! We bought our tickets for Gen Con today. I'm so excited! We'll be leaving for that on the 17th of August. :) I plan to bring my sock knitting again but I'll be honest, I doubt I'll get any knitting done again. There will be gaming to be done! :D

Not much else going on around urbanpagan's house. Eric is home for two days. The kitties are fighting as usual and I decided I should really, really organize my stash! :P

In response to comments:

Wendy said: I want these terrorist caught and dealt with..I hate the thought of watching more innocent people die and even thinking it could be myself next.. cause we never will know..God Bless All..and Be Safe

Here, here!

Koh said: why cant everyone just co exist!!! what do innocent people have to do with your hate of capitalism!! im not even worried about getting killed by terrorists, because...giving them the pleasure of my fear isnt worth it to me...ill do my best to protect myself but if in the end im taken then so be it.

Here, here!

Another Wendy said: These are people who think if you disagree with them, you are disagreeing with the word of their diety and that is punishable by death.

Sad but true.

Tamara said: Amen sister. Oh wait, can I say 'amen'?

Damn skippy you can! This is Urbanpaganknits girlie. Say what you please. :D

She also said: Ahhh you know what I mean. And to anyone who feels like you don't belong to their 'group'? F em. Plain and Simple. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Here, here!

Something new I'd like to start here at Urbanpaganknits... I call it... Interesting schtuff. As I move through the world everyday, I see many, many interesting things. I have decided to take pictures of them and share them all with you. (Mainly because I have no knitting content this post.) :P Here's it is. A goat in a truck.

Eric was not as impressed I was. *laugh* Four legged mammals rock! (And yes I did take this picture while driving... but I was careful!)

Okies. Off to work on some knitting so that my next few posts are worth reading. ;)