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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lookie... actual, genuine knitting content!

No really. :) This is urbanpaganknits afterall.

So I decided I really, really needed to organize my stash. I got right to it. Velvet helped:

She really liked that mohair that my previous SP sent me. :)

Once all was said and done... this is what I had:

Wow I've amassed a lot of yarn in a year's time. *rae* It took me quite some time to get it all organized and in the bins:

I guess I had better get to knitting! So I sat down and worked some more on my I Do shrug:

And I've already made a mistake. Two in fact. I didn't put in the second row of beads and I didn't start the decreases like I did on the other side. Can you notice? Probably not. Can I? Oh yes. Am I going to rip it out? Oh hell no!

In other knitting news, Azuredrake, Lass and I are trying to start a Stitch N Bitch at UNC. Right now we are in the 'finding out what needs to be done' stage. I thought we would -have- to be sanctioned by the University but it looks like we may not. *shrug* Really, I'm just waiting on an email and Azuredrake talking with someone she knows to confirm this for us. I'll keep you all posted. In the interim... off to my knitting I go!