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Saturday, July 23, 2005

One sock and one toe.

I finished one sock for my sock pal and have started on the second sock. See:

Here's your blurry close up of the lace cuff:

Now some of you will wonder (namely Azuredrake) what happened to that nifty cabled, lace cuff I was working on? Well... I kind of gave up on it. See, the first time I grafted it to the sock (using a 3 needles bind off), I did it inside out.


So I ripped out the seam, reset all the stitches on the needles and bound off again. That's when I realized I had bound it off too tight.


So after about ten minutes of swearing at the top of my lungs at myself (at 1am last night!) I decided to just make up a cuff and went to sleep. And that is what you got. I'll probably have to block it out so it looks better. Right now, in my opinion, it looks a bit like poo. But I am my own worst critic so what do all of you think?

After one of my little, mobile, furry alarm clocks (i.e. my cat Trouble), woke me up this morning because they can not seem to get the hang of what a weekend is (*shakes fist*) I got up, got out on the road and stopped by Yarns Etc where Ingrid was showing off some of her hats. Now, I'll be honest... the first few times I met her, she talked about the hats she made but never really talked about what they looked like but she did mention how she sold them for about $20 to $30 each. I really had no idea what her hats looked like and since she never really seemed enthusiastic about them, I honestly really never cared. *shrug* So I nearly fell over when I saw some of her hats today! She's charging -only- $20 to $30? For these?!?!?!

*insert the widest mouthed, shocked look you can possibly put on my face, here* These are just some -gorgeous- hats! The woman's skill is amazing! All of them are of her own design and they are made out of Tahki Cotton Classic (the same thing I am making my I Do shrug out of). And she just kept pulling out these lovely hats.

Interesting schtuff I've seen recently is more of a "why is that there?" question. Tell me... why is this here?:

What is it? It's a power outlet in the elevator that is in the parking deck where I park my car. I asked Eric what it was for.

He said "So they can clean the elevator."
My reply, "But it's a metal elevator, you'd sweep it."
His reply to that, "It's so that they can have a power source to plug in tools to repair the elevator."

Okay, I'll give him that... but it's the only elevator on the entire campus (that I've seen so far) that has a power outlet in it. *shrug* Any other ideas as to why it's there?

Of course, Velvet could care less about anything today except that bug on the ceiling. She's been holding this pose for about the last ten minutes: