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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Look, a bunny!

This weekend was pretty slow. I decided not to do a damn bit of housework and slept in both days. It was great! :D

I worked some more on my I Do shrug. It's kicking along but the progress looks so slow that there's no point in taking a picture.

Saturday, I met Lass at Panera bread at The Streets at Southpoint and I worked some more on the hat for the Hats with Heart contest. I'm really just finishing up the double-sided band and it's uber slow going. She started her hat as well. She only got so far as the brim but it's looking good so far. :D

But I don't know if you realize, there is a new Knitty out! In this issue there is a little bear that for some strange ass reason, I just fell in love with! There is a woman in my office whose daughter just gave birth to a boy. I found out that her favorite color is Carolina Blue. So I decided to use the modification to the pattern to make it a bunny, and made her one in Carolina Blue. See...:

I added a little knit bowtie too. I picked up stitches and knit the bowtie on so that the baby can't possibly rip it off and swallow it. And here's the tooshie shot:

Same with the tail. I picked up and knit a few stitches.

The "S" on the chest is because the little one's name is Salvatore. :)

It was a very quick knit. I may do a few more as gifts. :)

Speaking of gifts, lookie what my SP sent me!:

A cute card, a copy of Spin-off magazine, some roving, a drop spindle and some Kool-aide. :) Thank you SP!