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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nobody loves me.


*insert pitiful, pouty look here*



Muwhahahahahhaha! Oh I know you all love me! I was referring to my Sockapal-2-za pal. What the heck is going on? Not only did I get ditched by my first sock pal (never heard from him/her) but I had the same thing happen with my second sock pal! Come on folks... I'm a nice person.

Most of the time.

Especially if you bring chocolate. ;)

So yeah, I know I'm complaining but dang it! I was looking forward to some socks from a sock pal! But I think that's what makes my Knittyboard SP so much kewler! Lookie what she sent me in my last box:

Some Noro yarn.... (I love you!) Some art cards. (I love them and Eric mentioned getting them framed for me.) A note book which will be my new address book. (Thanks I needed one!) An entrelac scarf pattern. (Nifty!) Some pins in a tin. (How kewl is that?) And a mix CD she made for me. (Woot!) Okies. She left me some clues too as to who she is. *ponderponder* I will have to do some research and try to figure it out. She's been such a great SP that she totally made up for not getting any socks. :)

Thank you SP!

In response to comments:

Zib said: From this angle your scarf sorta looks like the beginnings of a very long willie.

Oh good, someone else thinks that too! Yay!

Ragan said: Happy Turkey Day! Finished those dafodil socks from the yarn you gave me! Love that yarn! Added more projects to my 'to do' list.

Holy crap I've created a sock knitting, monster. Go woman go! :)