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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Friends don't let friends sneeze and drive!

Or maybe I should have titled this post:

DAMS - Drivers Against Multi-Smeezers. (I sneeze in threes.)

or even:

D.A.R.E. to keep your loved ones on Claritan!

Nah, those both suck.

Anyhoo, I made that mistake and I sneezed while driving. And here are the results:

And a close up:

You know... I had planned to take the front license plate bracket off. I guess my decision has been made for me. :P

How did this happen you ask? Well let me tell you. I was in a line of stopped traffic. I was slipping the clutch (as is usual for me). I saw the car ahead of me start to move. I did as well. I sneezed. I looked up and well, the rest is me screaming "SHIT!" and rear-ending the car ahead of me. Her SUV was perfectly fine. My car, well, please see above.

I called USAA (our insurance company) and filed claim. The adjuster called me today to confirm that I had made an appointment at the body shop for an estimate and to confirm the circumstances of the accident. Her name was Tracy. She was very nice.

Tracy: "Was any part of your body hurt or bruised?"
Me: "Just my pride."
Tracy: (Laughs hard and loud.) "We don't cover that."

So Monday I'll learn how much the damage is. (Pun intended thank you very much.)

So home I went and to knitting I got. Grumbling the whole while, I worked some more on my sock.

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be finishing I Do, but my mood was not one for dealing with beads. I would have ended up probably throwing it across the room. At least with knitting a sock on double pointed needles, you have the satisfaction of stabbing yourself every three minutes in the breast to calm you down and make your knitting less aggressive.

Here's a close up of the stitches:

I really like this yarn.

On to other things. I have learned a lesson. When in doubt, do not stop for gas in this outfit:

I went to a friend's "Black and White Masquerade Ball" on Tuesday night. Sans the mask, I still got plenty of raised eyebrows from the folks at the local Citgo. :)

Here's me dancing to "Tainted Love":

It was a lot of fun.

Of course when I got home from the ball that night, the cats seemed particularly interested in my knitting bag. I'm not quite sure why though since it had just stayed in the car all night.

Here's Trouble doing what she does best... causing trouble:

And here's Fang investigating:

In response to comments:

Jpknits wrote: The hat is adorable. Makes me go all Leslie Caron and waiflike.

jp, who is anything but...

Hahahahahahahhaha! *schnort*

Ali wrote:

I REALLY like that hat. Ali


Ragan wrote: I (boohoo) am stuck on my 1st sock still. I am getting to the point where I have to stop knitting to make the heel...and keep wondering if I can just like make it a tube sock and that will be ok. HA HA HA...I have a great fear of the heel...I will be calling soon, I foresee it. Heh heh.

*waiting patiently by the phone* :)

Kohaku wrote: id like to see the happy recipiant of the hat wearing it.

You know I don't know if they would let me do that but it would be nice. :)

anyway though fang is a great name...hehe to go from something so soft like velvet to FANG! is just plain funny and it feels good to laugh so early in the morning.

You know, I didn't even think about what her previous name meant and what her new name means. *laugh* I'm glad I brightened your day! :) It's what I'm here for. Well, that and the complaining. Mostly the latter.