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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ain't nothing like a deadline!

Well apparently it was the deadline that lit the fire under my ass. September 30th was the deadline for the Hats with Heart Contest. And I made it in time! Thursday night when I got home, that hat wasn't done. When I went to bed it was! :D

Here it is:

Now those ladies at the Cancer center are either very good liars or very easily impressed. :P They were just -gushing- with compliments over this hat! Now, don't get me wrong, it's cute (at least I think so) but I wouldn't go out of my mind for it. *laugh* I felt could have done better but then, I did want something a bit simple. I'm pleased with it (especially with that double knit band!) and that is all that really matters. It will go on display with all the other hats on October 10th (my wedding anniversary to be exact) and the voting will commence. I already have ideas for what I'll do for next year's contest. In the mean time though, I will probably knit a few more hats for the cancer center. :)

So now the energy is back! And I have lots to do. I've already started tossing around ideas for what to knit for the holidays. I called The Yarn Harlot's Hotline at 877-SOS-KNIT. A must for anyone that has ever had a knitting deadline. I schnarfed my soda all over my office I was laughing so hard when I called. Yes, the warranted more than a few odd stares from my colleagues. :)

In kitty news, Eric and I have decided to change Velvet's name to Fang. She never answered to Velvet. For some reason, she answers to Fang. We decided to go with Fang because she has an extra one on the right side of her mouth. I think it's a baby tooth that just hasn't fallen out yet but sometimes it makes her look like she is scowling at us. Trouble is still Trouble (in more ways than one) although we sometimes refer to her as Princess Headbutt (but she doesn't answer to it).

In response to comments:

Ragan said: you can keep teaching me how to make socks if it makes you feel any better.

*laugh* Oh I think it was some down time for me. But this doesn't mean you can't call me if you need help. :)

Heather said: Do you make housecalls? I sure could use a couple sock knitting lessons. I swear, I have more sock yarn then anyone i know but have yet to knit a pair of socks! Hang there...your inspiration will be back soon!

No I don't make house calls, but always feel free to call me! :) Oh and I think I can go toe to toe (no pun intended!) with you on the amount of sock yarn you have. Remember when
Knitpicks had their sale? *nodnodnod* Yeah, I got to the $30 minimum for free shipping on sock yarn alone! :O

Erica said: I love knitting socks. I just never care to knit the pair. I have three mateless socks

I have only one mateless sock right now. It mocks me. It stares at me. It besmirches my name. It tells me that if I don't make it a mate soon, it's going to list itself on Match.com. (By the way all... do visit Erica's blog. She has the cutest kitties!)

Stephanie said: Erica, you don't have three mateless socks. you have a sockage et trois.

Too funny! *gasps for air* Brilliant!

Stephanie also said: Lisa, hope you made your deadlines and that you're enjoying the wedding.

Barely made them but yes, I did. Thanks. And sadly no, I did not make it to the wedding. But I did get to see a lot of lovely pics. :)

With all that said, it's time to hit the needles!