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Monday, January 09, 2006

Percocet and bad Japanese movies

That seems to have been my life these past few days. But it's not like I'm complaining. I love bad Japanese movies. I'm a -huge- Godzilla fan! I got about seven (or is it eight?) DVD's of Godzilla movies and two Gamera movies for Yule. *so happy* Also, a friend of mine named Andy K lent me the complete Battle Athletes Victory series. I had never heard of it before and at first I thought it was the meds that made me giggle like a kid while watching them but they are actually pretty good. He also lent me the Studio Ghibli box set. Talk about great! I loved, loved, loved most of them... even if the sub titles were going a bit too fast to read. They were so fast in some sections that even Eric was having a hard time and he wasn't medicated.

So yes to all of you, I am still alive if barely. Posting this much has made me extremely tired. It's so hard to sit up in front of the computer. So no, I didn't go back to work today even though I had thought I would be able to go. Here's how I'm looking right now:

Yes my nose started bleeding again. I think when I was sleeping earlier today, I must have hit it with my hand because I woke up and my face just -hurt-. And my nose was bleeding again. And no, before anyone freaks out, I didn't cut my hair. It's just a lot easier to care for in a braid. :P

Ahhh.... that looks great:

I think I'll go join them and watch some more Godzilla. I love the futon. It's in perfect view of the tv and while laying down, all one has to do is raise their hand with the remote and hit "play". All is well in the world.

I'll respond to comments later on. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words. It really made me smile. :)