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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back to work and the meme's

Yes I'm back to work. Sort of. Last Thursday was my first official day back. It went well. I was there for most of the day. Friday I ended up leaving early and this past Monday, I didn't go in at all. But today was a mostly full day again. The reason I left work early on Friday and missed Monday was because my nose kept bleeding. A lot. For like ten minutes at a time. I was really scared! But I went into the clinic on Friday and was told things were okay. But should it keep bleeding to head back in to see my doctor.

So now it's back to blogging and knitting as well. Yes, yes, I know. I have been leaving you hanging and I know that makes me a horrible person. But hey... I had an excuse! ;)

Some time back,
Ragan tagged me with a meme. I guess I should really reply...

So here goes.

4 jobs you have had in your life

1. Asst Office Manager at a Ford dealership
2. Office Manager at a used car dealership
3. Car sales rep at an Isuzu/Suzuki Kia dealership
4. Wireless cellular phone sales rep

4 movies you could watch over and over

1. Ghostbusters
2. Rock N' Rule
3. Aliens
4. Ghost in the Shell

4 places you have lived

1. Plattsburgh, NY
2. Witchita Falls, TX
3. Roy, UT
3. Hillsborough, NC

4 TV shows you love to watch

1. The First 48
2. Animal Cops/Precinct (all of them)
3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
4. Cold Case Files/ New Detectives

4 places you have been on vacation

1. Las Vegas, NV
2. Montreal, QC
3. San Antonio, TX
4. Indianapolis, IN

4 websites you visit daily

1. The Forge
2. Story Games Forum
3. Knittyboard
4. Fark

4 of your favorite foods

1. Pasta
2. Anything made by a Keebler Elf
3. Sushi
4. Fruit

4 places you would rather be right now

1. The Bahamas
2. Wandering through ancient ruins
3. With Eric (wherever he is in the air right now)
4. Las Vegas

4 bloggers you are tagging

Waaaaah! I can't do anyone. Most everyone has been tagged. *pout*

Oh well, I'll get them on the next round. ;)

Okies so now that I'm back for good... I guess I should get knitting so I have some pics to post! :)