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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well that's one way to make toast...

Do you drink coffee? Need a little caffeine in the morning? I don't drink coffee. But there are plenty of times that I need a boost in the morning. This past Sunday I found out what can do that better than ginseng, Vivarin, coffee or Jolt Cola. Know what it is? Set your toaster oven on fire. That'll wake your ass up.


Yup... I put some nice cinnamon raisin bread in the toaster oven and turned around to play with my kitties. After about a minute or two I sniffed the air (cuz I can! Ain't it neat!?) and realized... I smelled smoke. At first I thought it was just something outside and kept playing with the kitties. After rolling Fang onto her back and giving her some tummy love (which she hates!) I kind of glanced over my shoulder and then nearly launched off the kitchen floor. There was a distinct flame rising from the bottom of the toaster oven.

Thankfully, it never got very big and I was able to put it out. After having Eric laugh at me over the phone when I told him what happened, I realized that he was right when he next said, "I'm shocked it hasn't happened sooner. Grandma gave us that toaster oven. It's like 12 or thirteen years old." And you know, he's right. It's been moved cross country twice and had who knows how many mini pizzas and pieces of bread and bagels in it. I really am shocked it hasn't caught on fire sooner.

So once I let it cool off, I opened it up and realized it was a piece of cheese that had been leaning on the filament that had caught on fire. Thankfully, there was almost no damage. I cleaned the filament off completely and it works perfectly fine. My next batch of toast just smelled a lot like burnt cheese. ;)

So on to knitting news. I've joined Sockapaloooza. I got my sock pal info and of course, now I have no idea what to do for her. :) She's not picky so that makes my life harder! :P *laugh* So I plowed through my stash to see what wool sock yarn I have since she doesn't like acrylic yarn. Here's what I got:

So what do you think? Should I get something else? She didn't specify a colorway. She didn't specify if she likes or dislikes stripes. Really all she said was "no acrylic." Or should I just go get something else? I just don't know. I sent her an email asking for more details but she hasn't responded yet. I'm itching to knit though! I hope she responds soon. :P

In response to comments:

LaBean said: Keeps bleeding?? Where's the blood coming FROM? I'm just really curious about that. Always wondered why and where from nosebleeds occur.

Well when I went in to the clinic again this past Friday, I had a resident do the endoscopy. He said he couldn't find the source of the bleeding. When I was leaving the clinic, I saw my physician who stopped by to ask me what was up (he'd been in surgery and that's why he couldn't see me) and when I told him that it keeps bleeding, he informed me that it's probably scabs falling away. Also combined with that, there are so many capillaries so close to the surface of the skin that it's easy for one to breach and bleed. He said that if it keeps up, like really keeps up, to come right back into the clinic. He's a great doctor. :)

Well off I go to search for sock patterns!