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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And the verdict is...

1. I love it here. I mean, it's March... it's in the 60's and 70's. And every day when I come in to work for the next month or so, this is what I get to see:

How can you beat that? When the petals begin to fall and the wind is blowing, it's like a sweet smelling snow falling on us. I'll try to remember to bring my camera with me when that starts to happen. It's just a gorgeous site to see.

2. I hate the toe on the Falling Leaves socks. It looked like poo. So I frogged it all out. *frog, frog, frog* and started again with the normal wrapping turn toe that I learned from Wendy's Generic Toe Up pattern. I guess I'm just partial to it. :)

So here's a quick toe:

I'll start the lace pattern soon.

3. I got called for jury duty! Who'd have thunk it? I've never been called before and actually I'm a bit excited. I'm not sure if I actually want to go. On one hand, I'm missing work and there's lots to do. On the other, that's seriously prime knitting time and it's helping serve the other people in my community. It has me thinking a lot about criminal justice lately. Especially since the incident at the Pit. Yes boys and girls, I was about a half mile away when that happened. I was at work. The Pit is a common area on the campus where students, staff, tourists, and whomever really, hangs out. My friend Jason (the one who published the Shab al-Hiri Roach) works closer than I do to where this attack occurred. Part of me hopes that the judge decides to change venues and bring the trial to Alamance county where I will be serving jury duty and part of me doesn't. I don't want to be sequestered but I would like to see this man. I wonder what goes through his head. What went through his head when he decided that this was a good idea. Three people in my office had just -left- the Pit not even 15 minutes previous. I can't think of what would have happened to them if they had been there...

*shrug* I just don't know anymore.

4. We're going to have to foot the bill for our sewer repair ourselves. Doh. So I called the plumber and asked him what the cost of the repair would be if Eric and I did all the digging. He said he'd cut the price in half. I'm in! So this weekend will be a lot of digging, digging, and more digging.

Hey I did say I wanted some exercise!