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Friday, April 28, 2006

4 Booties, a building and a begging kitty

So I finished the second set of booties last week. It' s just been a crazy week so that's why I didn't post anything sooner. My crochet skills are getting better already. This second pair took me a little over one hour. :) Here's both pairs:

Here's another shot from the side:

Call me happy with how they came out. So now it's on to finishing the hats and the onesies. Jeri was getting big near the party. Seeing her this week, she's even bigger. I may not have as much time as I thought. I mean... she can't get much bigger than she is now!

As you may remember, this past Friday (the 21st) we went to the dedication of the new School of Medicine building now called Bondurant Hall. It was a big shindig. They had a small band playing:

There were waiters walking around with plates of crab cakes, fried eggplant (yummy!), mini quiches, little cups of parfait, and juice in wine glasses. *laugh* It was a lot of fun. When I left the dedication party I was absolutely stuffed because we had also had the baby shower that morning. I didn't need to eat dinner that night. :P
So of course, we all got to wander around in our new offices so we could take in some of that "New Office Smell". Here's my new area:

Now I know... you may think "There's nothing special about that." Oh but there is! I can see the sun... sort of:

Well hell, it's better than what I've got now. When I turn around in my office, this is what I get to see right now:

Right now if I want to see the sun it requires me to get out of my office, go around a corner and if someone's door is open, then I can see the sun. *laugh* I'm a delicate flower. I need sun. Of course you may ask what type of flower. I say I'm a peony since peonies have a fat bottom. But the women in my office have decided that I am a venus fly trap. *insert big, sly grin here* I'll take that as a compliment since their other choice was a morning glory. *shakes head* I ain't no mornin' glory!

On the kitty front, I have decided that I have one of the strangest cats on the face of this earth. She eats popcorn. Will even beg for it too. Here she is, staring at the bowl of popcorn sitting on the futon next to me:

Once I just couldn't take it anymore... cuz she's just so funny wanting popcorn, I gave her some:

She only usually eats two or three pieces and then moves on. It doesn't even have to have salt or butter on it. Does anyone else's cat eat popcorn?!

In response to comments:

Stephanie said (with regards to giving my bitch neighbors some cookies for Yule this year): Don't even *think* of putting exlax in the chocolate chip cookies. (It may be a felony.)

*innocent look* I never thought of that. Not once. *shakes head* Nope. Not me. (Tee hee!) Oh and it's a misdemeanor. (I looked it up... out of curiosity... yeah...)

Bean said: I saw a newborn in at a LYS yesterday and I so wanted to cuddle him. Then I remembered holding babies always renders me extremely fertile and grabbed some Trekking instead!

*rolls on the floor laughing* I can just see you know... getting that look on your face where you remember what affects your fertility and then bolting toward the bins and grabbing some yarn! :)
Okies well off I go to start packing my office up. I haven't even started one thing and it's all got to be done by next Thursday. Yes for the record, I know I'm out of my mind and should have started sooner but hey... no pressure!