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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Office! Now with blurry photos!

Yes folks. Here it is. My new office. In blurry camera phone motif. Take a gander:

I was in and unpacked so quickly, I even had time to pile some papers up. :P

Here's a shot of the window I can see including the back of my colleague's head:

At first, that cabinet was six inches to the left. I can honestly say I did get a bit selfish and asked that they move the damn thing so I could see the sun. I am a delicate flower after all... *bats eyelashes*

I've got nearly all of my personal stuff up. The cards one of my secret pals sent me:

A few pics of Eric, my old car, my mother in law's log cabin, and a card a secret pal sent me:

The lovely panel that is missing...:

And my all important tea pot and honey:

Oh yes! Gotta have my tea!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour. Now it's back to work.


I forgot my turtle. I don't know how I could have done that. *shakes head*

Those are some thank you cards that some of the visiting medical students have sent me as well. But mainly I just wanted to show off my turtle. He snuggles with my scanner all day and night.

Okies, back to work again.