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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I started a sweater!

Yes folks, I started Tubey from Knitty.com. Sorry I have no pictures because I was very silly and left the camera at home. *laugh* But I started my first sweater. And wow, I'm either a worrywort or I'm overstressed. I'm flying through my main color and I'm not even done with the first sleeve! I called my cousin Ragan to ask her if that's normally the case... that one really cooks through yarn when working on sleeves and she told me yes. I guess I can breathe now. I was so worried I hadn't ordered enough yarn. I even over ordered (well at least I thought so when I got the yarn a few months ago.) Keep your fingers crossed for me and hope that I don't run out. :)

I'm also nearly finished with the socks I've been working on. And no, no pics of them either. My camera phone has been taking some really blurry photos lately so I guess I'll just have to remember to bring the camera with me next time.

In response to comments:

Helen said: yay! i've always been interested in that as well. you ever read Patricia Cornwell books??? fab!

No I haven't. But just about everyone I know has. I'll have to borrow one of them from a friend of mine and check it out. :)

Tamara said: Forensics always interested me too, but I don't think I have the full constitution needed to deal with actual corpses. You GO girl!! Good luck.

Who said I have the constitution to either? *laugh* I've been near prepared cadavers on many occasions and twice did view autopsies when I was young (looooooong story) but I myself have never been up-close and personal with one either. Eric suggested I go on a ride-along with a local CSI squad (if I can). I'm going to have to see if I can go! I think it would be great.

Ragan said: Did you know...that our anniversary is the SAME as gramma & grandpa's???? Cool huh!

No I didn't know that. That's pretty neat. :)

She also said: Anyhow, I love the hat!!!! AND...I HATE HATE HATE that stupid commercial!!!!

*nod* Oh I know what you mean. Thankfully they now have a shortened version of that commercial but it still sucks! :P

Stephanie said: Thanks to a lack of network TV at my house, I think I've missed that commercial. I like how the (presumed) husband is in the background cringing.

You lucked out with missing that one. It's awful! And yes, that is supposed to be the husband of the one on the left, cringing after he spilled his coffee on the carpet.