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Monday, July 17, 2006

The 'All Clear' and the Ghost in the Bathroom

So my wrist has been pretty good lately. Well enough that I have been given the all clear to use it like I always used to. YAY! I can knit again. You have no idea how happy this makes me. So, I've decided, before I start up with a new project like say the sweater I have been wanting to do and just got all that yummy yarn for (THANKS SP!!!!!) I am going to finish I Do and the tank top that I am working on. That's it. Gotta do it. I can't have too many UFO's hanging around you know. ;)

I was supposed to have my follow up for my surgery this Wednesday but the doctor's office called me and said he had to reschedule... Until August 31st! Holy crap he's a busy man! I guess that's one thing I have to deal with when the Division Chief is my physician. Oh well, I'm willing to wait to have him check me out rather than have a surgeon/physician I don't know look at his work. Call me crazy but I'd rather stay with the man that did all the work on my sinuses in the first place. Besides, if I'm having another nasal endoscopy... I want the guy with the gentlest hand doing it, know what I mean?
So, I literally am kicking myself for not bringing my knitting with me to work. But I do have my offensive cross stitch with me. ;)

So of course this brings me to the next part of my title... the Ghost in the Bathroom. Now I don't know how superstitious you are, but me... the urban pagan, I kind of am. I won't walk under a ladder, but I have no problem stepping on cracks. I don't worry if I spill salt, but I did worry about Eric seeing my wedding dress before it was on me. I worry about breaking mirrors, but I don't mind a black cat crossing my path. It's kind of hard to mind when you have a black cat... it's what they do. They walk in front of your ankles as much as they possibly can. Mind you, this is not restricted to black cats... all cats do this... well at least mine do. *Shakes fist* I'm pretty well used to it unless it's 2am and I'm trying to get to the bathroom to potty. Tends to make things rather loud with the crashing, the hissing and the cursing.

But anyhoo, the ghost. In our new building, the Ladies room is all the way at the end of the hall. Like our old building, there is one Ladies Room and one Men's Room per floor. Most of the time, like I'm sure most of you do, I use the one on our floor. But sometimes, I'll stop in other ones like on my way to or from my car. But I digress. When we moved into the building, there were a few times where I went into the Ladies Room and if you go into either of the last two stalls, the door to the other would slam. Loudly. Sometimes repeatedly. I began to test this, wondering if they were just hung badly or if it was just the way that I closed the door to the stall. I could never get it to do it when I wanted to. Sometimes, the door would slam quickly, three times. Sometimes, only once. And never at the same times. Also, it never feels like you are alone in there. I'm not sure how to describe it but you know when you walk into the bathroom anywhere, you just know there is someone else in there even if they are not making a sound. Same thing here. I thought it must just be me, and/or thought it must just be the building moving because there was still some minor construction going on and I thought it must be the fact that maybe I just finished talking to someone else so thus, my brain was still fixated on a person (or what have you). I ignored it.

About a month after we were all settled in, I heard a colleague of mine, Lisa...:

(That's a shot of her in our old office) ...talking about how odd she feels when she's in the Ladies Room on our floor. As if we moved as one, myself, and about five other women all popped around the corner to add our agreement. Then it hit us. We all felt the same way? We'd all had the same odd occurrences in there and in none of the other Ladies Rooms? Well of course, my mind jumped to conclusions. "Well it's obviously haunted" I said. We all laughed but then we all started talking about it.

Could it be? I mean, people get hurt and/or killed all the time on big construction projects. We've had at least two deaths on this campus alone in the past year due to construction accidents. As a matter of fact, I pass the wreath that hangs on the New School of Public Health Building every day that I drive to work. That building will be finished in two years I believe but a man was killed there so I guess it's possible that he could still be there with the building.
So we all began talking about this. How could we find out? I called the City Clerk. The woman who answered told me I would have to search the Sherrif's database or the City Police's database but unfortunately, this could not be done online. But she agreed, that it was an interesting circumstance and that it was worth checking out. She transferred me to a Sherrif's Deputy who was fascinated by my (our) thoughts on the topic and even told me that he'd have a hard time going into the bathroom if it were him but he could offer me no other avenues for research than what the City Clerk told me.

So where did that leave us? Well we had to name it. I mean, it's rude not to say hello when you see someone in the bathroom right? ;) So we decided on Leeloo. Lee because that can be a man or a woman and Loo because well, it's in the Loo. :P
So most of us now go in and say "Hello LeeLoo!" and go about our business. It seems though that one gal can't even go down there anymore. She goes into our old building to use the Ladies Room in there because she is too scared to go into ours now. *laugh* I have no problems with LeeLoo. Someone mentioned we should bring in a candle for him/her. If we could have candles in the building, I would. Maybe I should bring a flower then or knit something instead. Maybe some knit flowers. Something for LeeLoo to enjoy.

Yeah.. I'm a freak.

Well... I -am- the urbanpagan after all.