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Sunday, June 04, 2006

My husband, the free man. 82 car pile up. Bad shoes. And still no knitting, but more cross stitch.

Well it's official. Eric is an ordinary civilian again. Yay! We got this in the mail on Wednesday:

His Honorable Discharge. He's not even on Inactive Reserve status anymore. So this meant cake, ice cream and Bacardi and Coke. We accepted our mission and ate and drank the night away. Just for the record, I -am- moving a bit slow this morning. :P

You have no idea just how nice it is to have that piece of paper. Every time I saw an official envelope in the mail, I got that tiny twinge of worry that they were reactivating him. Especially when I saw this one. It was big, heavy and from Denver. I tore the envelope open, bracing myself for having to call him and let him know that with only a handful of days to spare, they wanted him back. I was soooooo relieved to see that certificate. I took a picture of it and sent it right to him since he was out working. When he landed I couldn't even contain myself and let him see the email on his own. I told him "You got your final discharge papers!!!" (I was nearly bouncing with joy.) When he got home on Friday night, I called him "Mister". (It was our joke where I would call him "Airman" when I wanted him to do something.)

But that wasn't all the excitement I had on Wednesday. On my way to work, I was five minutes late leaving the house and got the shear joy of avoiding this:

There were a lot more cars involved and it was odd to see cars that I normally am passing in the morning, involved in these crashes. I was rather thankful for having missed it all and only being delayed to work. Since I was there at the beginning of it all, I got to work in under an hour and a half. It was not nearly as bad as the wreck back in October. That was amazing! It was past where I needed to get off the highway and it took me nearly two hours to go three miles. I had mistakenly stayed on the highway when I noticed everything was backed up, rather than get off the last exit before my house and take the back roads. I was just glad that in this accident, very few people were hurt. You can see all about it here if you want to.

Later on that night, after work, my girlfriend, Maura, wanted to go shoe shopping. Who am I to decline? ;) So while I was waiting for her to try on a pair of shoes, I began wandering around looking at some myself. And happened upon these:

All I can say is, they look better in this blurry photo than in real life. Yes boys and girls, those are sequins sewn onto the -entire- shoe. It was truly hideous and begged me to take it's picture. Maura squeaked in fear when I showed them to her. Then she wondered aloud if they had them in aqua. I threatened to hit her with the shoe to knock some sense into her. She laughed and them began trying to get me to agree that a different color of sequins would probably look nice. I was firm. I held strong. Nothing and I mean nothing that covered in sequins, not matter what the color should go on your feet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :P

So once I got home and all settled in, I pulled out the cross stitch. I still can't knit. I tried the day before and am now regretting it a bit. I have a follow up appointment on Monday. I don't know but I'm thinking I might need the injections. I can't imagine taking 2400 mg of ibuprofen a day and still not being able to knit. Screw that!

So I finished the "Rat Bastard" for Dennis:

And then I blasted out one for a woman in my office:

Now here's the odd part about this. I really do not get along with this woman all that often. She is rude, crass and belligerent and in all the wrong ways. (Yes there are right ways about those qualities.) *Wicked grin* Yet, I felt I had to make it for her. She deals with a lot of students that want stuff immediately and for her, that is really impossible. The things she has to do require that forms be certified, notarized and the like. These things take time. So I sat down and did this for her and I'm still not sure why but I always follow my gut. It has not failed me yet.

Speaking of gut... well tummy really, here's Trouble asking for some tummy love:

She's such a nut.

In response to comments:

LaBean said: Do you wind up with a bunch of ends to weave in, or is it ok to have floats all over creation?

Well I do a little bit of both. I really just have floats when I am doing one word or words that are close together. After that, I weave the threads in.