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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Still no knitting.

Nope. My wrist is still bothering me a bit so I'm still on orders to rest it. So that means, no knitting. But I can cross stitch so I have been. I finished the one I was working on for my friend Lisa:

I got a silver frame for it and gave it to her on Tuesday. She loved it and put it right on her desk.

So it was on to another one. Eric had been looking through the book and said the "Rat Bastard" would be perfect for his father, since he says it all the time. So I thought it would be perfect for him for Father's Day. Here's a pic of the progress after the first day:

I finished it pretty quickly too:

Now I just have to wash it, iron it and find a frame for it. I think it came out great!

I hope I get the all clear soon. I'm itching to knit something but my wrist is still bothering me. I guess I'll have to figure out which pattern to do next...