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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A post for my Sock Pal

I got my socks! YAY! Once again I was in the Sockapaloooza sock exchange. And once again, I got some great socks. Check them out:

Aren't they kewl? I love, love, LOVE the color! She also sent me some wild flower seeds. Those are going right in a planter.

But back to these gorgeous socks. Here they are on me:

And another shot


They are a bit too big, but I still think they are the greatest. One turn through the washing machine and they will fit perfectly. :)
Thanks so much sock pal!

But I give a *shakes fist!* to the gal I was knitting for. She never once responded to any of my emails, nor our sock sister's emails, nor let me know if she's gotten her socks. I sent her some goodies too so I really wanted to know how she liked them. *sigh* And I also heard that she has ditched on the gal she was knitting socks for. :(

This will be the second sock pal that -I- have knit for that has ditched out. What's up people? I sent an email to Alison (our sock momma) letting her know I would knit for my pal's pal. Poor thing. I got ditched on round two and it sucks! :P I understand that things in your life happen... but damn. At least reply to an email. Let -someone- know.

Oh well. I guess I'll stop bitching now and get back to work. :P