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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Socks? Done! Sweater? Still cooking...

Remember a long time ago, I started a pair of ankle socks from some left over sock yarn that I had? Well, I -finally- finished them.

And another shot:

I am officially out of that yarn. I made those nearly knee length socks and then these ankle length socks out of all that yarn and I now have just enough yarn leftover to use as waste yarn for a crochet cast on. :)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I started on Tubey. Here's the progress so far:

By the way, the colors are -not- showing up well in that pic. You can't tell, but it's purple, gray, dark blue, light blue and green. I'll have to take a picture of it in the sunlight so you can see the colors better. I have just about a half an inch to go on that side and that sleeve is done. Then I pick up the stitches on the other end, join, and start knitting in the round to complete the other sleeve. I'm so excited! Oh and by the way... if sleeves take about 1/3 of the yarn... I'm screwed! Well... if not screwed then mighty close to it. I'll be able to tell once I start the body of the sweater because in Tubey, the main color is actually not used nearly as much as on the sleeves. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Of course, while I was working on my sweater, Trouble came over to help me:

When I told her "Hey, why don't you take your little, furry bottom off my book and let me knit!" she gave me this look (like those ears?):

I do believe this look means "Um... no. I'm comfy. Piss off."

Rotten kitten.

The entire time Trouble was on my knitting book, Fang was relaxing next to me:

I don't think it's physically possible for her to get more comfortable than that.

In response to comments:

Molly said: LOL!! I think that may be the best cross stitch I have ever seen.

Thanks! I've been looking at some of the other patterns in the book and none have yelled anything else offensive at me yet. Once they do, I will stitch something up. Yes, only I look at books for offensive inspiration. :P

Janna said: I've never knit a sweater either, but Tubey is on my list of sweaters I'll knit when I get the time/courage. I think I'll do the body in all one color, though, and just add a second color on the sleeves (all these plans....)

I was doing the same thing. "Maybe I'll add a ruffle to the cuff, or do some crochet edging..." Yeah like I'm not insane enough as it is!

Margot said: FYI, In my experience the sleeves use approximately 1/3 of the total yarn for a ls sweater. Front and back each take another third each. Fingers crossed that you have enough yarn!

Well, when I look at the total amount of yarn I've used, then I'm right on track, but I'm still panicking because the black is the main color and I'm really, really low already!

Ragan said: Ok, now I need your help. Every time I try to add your button to my sidebar....it comes out HUGE. And I mean HUGE. It is beyond huge, and could be a background. Ok, tech girl...HELP ME! I am html challenged.

Hey who you calling Tech Girl?! *Laugh!* But anyhoo, you have to tell HTML what size you want the button to be if it does not already have a set size. I assume that most people don't make their buttons a standard size so I set my sizes when I blog.

For example, the link I have on my Links page for "Back to my blog" with my UrbanpaganKnits Button looks like this in my template:

a href="http://urbanpaganknits.blogspot.com"

img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v225/urbanpagan/Other%20Schtuff/Urbanpaganknitsheader1.jpg" border="0" width="132" height="48" vspace="10"


A width of 132 and a height of 48 are pretty standard. Well at least that's what I've noticed. Hope that helps!

Feel free to cut and paste the entire like of code above to link to my blog just remember to take the spaces out before and after the "<" and the ">" so that it all lines up nice and neat.