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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sweater progress... meh.

Well, I've finished the one side, picked up the other stitches on the other end and started the second sleeve. Progress is slow because I've been so damn busy with other stuff. *yawn!* My boss is still out of town with her husband (who's cancer treament is progressing well I last heard) and she's still not expecting to be back until after Thanksgiving. Maybe even as long as right after Yule!

So I had to be here at 7am this morning for a meeting that she normally takes minutes at and I'm already tired as hell. *big yawn*
Sorry I've got no pics of the sweater because I left the house this morning at 6:15 and well... I guess I just wasn't awake enough to remember to grab the camera.

I started another pair of socks at work too. ;) One nice thing about being in a meeting so early is I got in some knitting while I was waiting for everyone to arrive. Nearly done with one toe already.

The leaves are turning, the air getting colder (slightly) and my hatred of Bank of America is complete. Yup folks. They are screwing us. They have jacked up our checking account so bad that this is the second week in a row that I've had to file a claim to get our money back. So to remedy this problem, we've already switched to the NC State Employees Credit Union. Oh they were more than happy to accommodate us and our switch from Bank of America. So I'll say it now... you were al right. I was wrong. So many people told me "Don't use Bank of America! Get out! Get out!" I should have listened sooner. Can I just say one thing about the credit union though? Why can't I have one of the kiddie debit cards? Huh? It's a debit card. It's got cuter pics on it than the other ones. Why can't I have one? *sassa-frassa*

In response to comments:

Old Knitter said: I noticed you do your socks toe up...I have always gone toe down. Do you advocate toe up for some reason? I've always wanted to try it but am stuck in this rut because I know this particular pattern fits so nicely.

Actually yeah I do. I find it's easier to make corrections and make sure the sock fits well when knitting toe up than when knitting cuff down. At least for me it is. I've known that angst that is realizing that I've jacked up the heel and having to rip back all those stitches, re-knit, pick back up the stitches from the heel flap and keep going. I'm just not that patient and neither is my vocabulary. ;)

Ragan said: I like your first sleeve! I can't wait to see the rest!!! I think that it will be lovely. "lovely darlink" tee-hee...

Thank you darlink. ;)

I am so tempted to drop everything I have in progress and work on a sweater. Darn-it. Oh, how you influence me. First, the toe-up socks (which I cannot stop making) and now sweaters? Eek. Next I too will be making offensive cross-stitch. heh heh.

Muwhahahahaha! My evil plan is working!