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Monday, December 18, 2006

Lookie! My neck brace matches my Tae Kwon Do belt!

Yup... that's right. I passed! Yay! I got my orange belt. This is me warming up. Sort of...:

Here I am working on my form. Why I have my eyes closed, I have no earthly idea! Um, er, I mean... look at that concentration and focus... ;)

And here I am showing off what's known as my "one steps":

In the picture above, you can see Master Erik Neill in the black uniform with white piping. His mother Merilee next to him (she's a second Dan black belt) and his father (and my colleague) Jim taking pictures to the right of the kid in the blue uniform.

After all that, I passed! And there I am all the way on the right with my certificate and my new orange belt:

If you'd like to see other pics of the belt test you can see them

So the very next week on Thursday, the 7th, I was on my way to class after work when I got rear-ended. Yup. The Jeep needs rear work now too! And this was not my fault at all! I was sitting in stopped traffic when I saw a car coming up behind me that I just -knew- was going too fast. I realized she was going to hit me so I put my foot on the brake and braced myself. (Yeah, stupid I know.) She hit me so hard that it threw the Jeep forward one full car length into a truck in front of me. I must have looked like a bobble-head doll as my noggin bounced all over the place and hit the headrest at least twice. She was in one of those new, pretty
VW Bugs. Versus the our Jeep Wrangler... I won. She nuked the front of her car! The damage to the Jeep is minimal. Well, $1327 minimal. I can't believe Eric beat me by $70 on the damage to the Saturn. I took it to the same exact body shop to have the estimate done. At first he kind of raised his eyebrow at me when he saw me pull in and then he laughed when I told him, my husband was no where near this car nor were any tacos involved. ;)

So back to the accident, a cop pulled up right behind us and after about an hour of paperwork, my head was just killing me! My girlfriend Maura (the one that made the checkerboard cake) took me to the Emergency Room. Here I am in all my glory!:

And here's that smile!:

No... it's too sexy! *averts eyes* I had to get a CT scan and was sent home with the note to take Motrin and try not to stress my head or neck too much. So I ended up missing about three classes (which was kind of upsetting) but I'm pretty much back to 100% now so it's all good. My neck was killing me the next day and I know it's because I had braced myself.

Not much else is going on. I've decided (because it's painfully obvious that I'm stark, raving mad) to knit a
wine cozy for my my Secret Santa. And I'm knitting it with a sock monkey's face in it because she loves monkeys. And it has to be done by tomorrow. And I only started a few days ago.

Off to my knitting I go!

Did I mention I must be stark, raving mad?