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Friday, July 27, 2007

I can't believe it's come to this...

Yes boys and girls...

I had a coffee today. And here it is:

I've never had coffee. Ever. I was exhausted this morning after having not slept very well this week.

A Mt. Dew just wasn't right. A Coke either. They don't sell Jolt on campus and well, I wasn't in the mood for a Red Bull either. So I walked up to the counter and said "As weird as it sounds I have never had coffee. I need something but I don't want anything insanely bitter. Any recommendations?"

The guy behind the counter (what do they call them, barristas?) said "How about an espresso mocha with whipped cream?"

Me: "Fire it up."

It tasted 'burny'.

I was told that's normal and that through time, I would grow to like it. It actually wasn't that bad. :)

I feel all grown up now!