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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sockapalooza 4, sock progress

I'm in Sockapalooza 4 this year. This will be the fourth sock exchange and well, it's pretty neat! I started late. Very late. Like, Sunday. Socks are due by the early August.


I've already emailed my pal to let her know her socks are gonna be late!

Funds were tight this year so I couldn't get the yarn I -really- wanted to get for these socks. As a matter of fact, I picked some yarn I found totally at random. :) And of course, I'm going nuts with the colors and the pattern. Yup, I'm still doing intarsia in the round and yup, I'm free forming the pattern.

Stand back.

Trained professional.

Here's my progress so far:

I'm very pleased with it. Of course, I'm hoping my pal will be too. I bought a copy of Andean Folk Knits and that's where I am getting the patterns from. Each pattern has a meaning. The waves express our movement through life. The other pattern I have just started is a dog. I've always thought about adding a llama near the cuff. We'll see!

Thankfully, her foot size is very close to mine and so far the socks fit me pretty well so I think they should fit her as well. *crosses fingers*

On other things, Eric made an interesting discovery the other day. He was inspired to do some work around inside and outside of the house. While cleaning the deck on the side of the house he noticed this:

Yeah, that's our now defunct grill. It rusted through last summer so we just haven't fixed/replaced it yet. So of course you're wondering as I did... what the heck is that?! Well it's this:

A nest. Complete with tiny, discarded feathers. Talk about a good place to raise your little ones! Those were some of the most protected eggs! We were both so happy it was there, we left it. It looks like it's abandoned for now, but whomever built that nest is welcome back to use it again until we get rid of the grill... which most likely won't be for a while. :)

Yeah, we're sappy, sappy people. We used to have a squirrel soap opera...

He started it by taking note of it and giving me updates.

Yeah. Saps.

Now onto something else that caught our eyes, take a peak at this. Without looking at what it actually is, what is your first thought?

If it's feminine hygiene products, you had the same thought Eric and I did. Actually, he pointed it out to me! Seriously. Look at it again. It looks like the same folks that made this box make boxes for tampons and pads doesn't it? :P

Well , back to work I go.