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Friday, April 27, 2007

Still looking...

Not a heck of a lot has been going on at chez urbanpagan. Between work, tae kwon do, and looking for scholarships, not a lot of knitting or cross stitching has been done. I didn't realize how difficult it is to find scholarships for adult students! It looks like I may end up having to pay for some of it myself. I really hope not because we can't really afford it... but oh well. I'm still looking.

In between all this, I of course keep an eye on the news and on Fark. I love Fark. You can find the strangest news stories and some that don't even break on the major news media outlets until long after Fark has run them.

Now a quick tangent, everyone knows I am insane for four legged, furry mammals. Just nuts. People sometimes react oddly to the way I get about them. But I keep trying to tell them "It's not just me!" There are plenty of other animal nuts out there. And with the help of Fark, I have proof.

Someone obviously knows me and more people like me. :)

To stay on the topic of all things non-fiber, I always seem to be drawn to or notice the weirdest/oddest things. Well weird/odd to me at least. Like this sign for example:

I pass this sign every single day on my way to tae kwon do class. What is with the little guy right in the middle of the sign? Doesn't he look like he's about to go ass over tea kettle? Or is he dive- bombing his mama? What is up with that little guy?

Then there's this sign:

That's a stop for the "A, G, NS, and T" buses. Mind you, there is an "N" and an "S" bus as well so they really could have spelled "ANGST". I was undergoing a bit of angst while waiting for -any- one of them to show up since I was 20 minutes late getting back to my office by the time I took this picture.

Then of course there are the great questions of the universe:

I'm thinking if they did, it was a brontosaurus with black olives. Who doesn't like black olives?!

Then there is the clever stuff:

Can you believe it took me a minute to get it? *shakes head* It had been a long day. After that though, I was craving some Chinese buffet.

Oh well, I guess I should get back to looking for scholarships... you know, that or working. Since I am at work. :P