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Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm a workin'. Yes indeed...

So over the weekend, I didn't get a damn thing done knitting-wise. Nope. I played games all weekend instead. :) Eric was home on Saturday night and on Sunday he decided that it would be our Valentine's Day since he'll be out and about, winging his way across the eastern seaboard on the 14th. We went out and had some Indian food (I love Lamb Saag!) and then we decided to get some munchies (e.g. Nutty bars!) and a few computer games that we could play together. Yup, that's romance in chez urbanpagan. Ain't it grand? ;) I had a great time. :)

So when I got to work today, of course, knitting was on my mind because I got my copy of Interweave Knits Spring 2007. I love the entrelac sock pattern then have in there. Oh and just when I thought I might have the number of knitting projects under control... I see those socks.




In Red. Or maybe blue. Hell, some nice green would work too... Ooooo! Or some purple...

Dammit! *shakes fist at Interweave Knits!*

So I started working on the socks I carry to work. Mainly because, I had to get working on my knitting resolution and it's February and I'm already one month behind! Also, because, I so want to just start on those entrelac socks, that I -had- to knit something. So here's the progress so far:

This past Friday, I stopped at Maura's house ( a non-knitting, muggle, girlfriend of mine.)

I love you Maura! :P

Anyhoo, she has this great kitty named Duncan. And he loves boxes. So much so that if you pick him up in said box, he won't move!

and a close up:

He's such a nice kitty. He smiles like that all the time. Oh and by the way, Maura's eyes aren't closed in the first pic. He's a heavy boy (17 pounds) so she wanted to make sure she wouldn't drop him and was looking at the box the whole time. :)

I call Maura a muggle because when we were chatting, we heard her neighbor, Joyce, downstairs, come home. She's got a little dog that is a bit of the yappy sort but she herself is a knitter and works at Yarns Etc in Carborro, not too far from where I work. Joyce I knew, could do some lovely work as I had seen some of her proejcts at the store and some of her patterns that she had for sale. But I had never seen any of her personal works. Oh my goodness! She has made some truly beautiful sweaters over the years! She uses the pattern for all her sweaters out of Knitting From the Top. And every single one of them is just gorgeous! I wish I had thought to go grab my camera and snap some pics so you could see them. The best part is that almost every single one of them is made with multiple types of yarn and/or crap yarns. They are just so lovely. And she told me that all you need to worry about is measuring your guage. After taht, it's all a series of calculations to see how many stitches you need to cast on. I may have to look for this book. :)

Well off I go to do some more knitting on those socks and contemplating what yarn in my stash I have that would be perfect for those entrelac socks. :P