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Friday, January 05, 2007

Hell of a start to the new year.

Well it was Saturday that we noticed the heater wasn't working properly. For some reason, it would kick on, run for a minute or two and then shut off. So Eric went outside to poke at the machine and while I was standing there next to him, we both realized we could smell gas. So he closed the valve and called the gas company. Lo and behold, we did indeed have a leak.

But this didn't fix our heating problem. The damn thing still wouldn't kick on. So I called a technician out to the house. $150 later he tells me we need a new heat exchanger. The one we have now has cracks and holes in it and most likely the reason it would run for a bit and then kick off was because there were flames shooting out of it. Did I mention the biggest crack was only about two feet from where the gas had been leaking? O_O

So three estimates of $6900, $7200, and $8900 later, we obviously can not afford to get a new HVAC unit installed. So yes it's January and we have no heat. But... it's not all bad. Yes the house is about 50 degrees in the morning right now, but that will change soon. First off, the weather has been rather clement and well, we just got paid today so we're going to go buy a couple space heaters. I found some really good ones for really cheap at Lowe's Home Improvement and well, with our house being as small as it is, we won't need but two or three.

I guess this means I need to finish that sweater huh? :P And maybe some more socks. Speaking of which, here's the pair I am working on now:

I love Knitpicks yarn. :)

In other news, check out this pic of Eric:

If he looks bleary-eyed it's because he is. This was taken in the airport at about 5am while he and the Captain and First Officer were waiting for their plane to arrive so they could start their day. That means he's already been awake for an hour and a half by then and has a full day of work ahead of him. One of the flight attendants known as a Check Flight Attendant saw Eric sitting there and asked him to hold the sign for the picture. Check Flight Attendants make sure that flight attendants are doing their jobs properly, and they make sure that flight attendants like Eric pass their certifications and are able to fly. :) So if you are ever flying a US Airways Express flight (little 50 or seventy seater) on the east coast, run by PSA and you see this guy... he'll be friendly to your knitting and may even talk to you about it if he's got the time. And don't ask for coffee in heavy turbulence. If he says it's too bumpy to hand out scalding liquids... trust his judgement... it's too bumpy to hand out scalding liquids. I really don't understand why people fight him on this. But then people fight him a lot. You should hear some of the things people 'ask' of him (it's more like demand of him). They will make you laugh and shake your head. People, he's there to make sure you make it off the plane alive if there is an emergency. He's not your personal bitch boy. (I married him. He's my personal bitch boy!) But you'd be surprised how many people think he is. Next time you fly, take a look at how people treat the flight attendants. You'll be surprised. :P

In response to comments:

Helen said: yes, fondue will go greatly with game playing. my friend got one shaped like a hershey kiss, hehe. we will have fun using it. yours....plugs in though? like a crock pot? cool!

Shaped like a Hershey Kiss? That's awesome! Yeah, ours plugs in but we can also use a solid fuel on it as well. It's pretty neat. I can't wait to use it. :)

Mouse said: Husband and I bought some board games this year too..

Kewl! Which ones? I'm always on the lookout for new games.

(With regards to the sock monkey wine cozy)

Thanks to everyone that thought it was nice. I was really worried she wouldn't like it. :P

Molly said: Adorable! I hope you got in a "touch my monkey" joke.

LMAO! I didn't even think of that! *snaps fingers*

Okies, off to work on my sock I go. It's lunch time!